Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday

I am such a sucker for a theme-a-day blog.

Last night, I ran, and it was hard, and I did a hill program, and it was magical. That's all I'm going to say until I recap the Cupcake Marathon (that I broke into a zillion teeny runs).

AFTER my magical run, I made pizza for dinner. Because all good moms make their kids dinner at 8:30pm, right? Right?!

One of the side effects of Gabby's chemo is that she might not want to eat. So to combat that, I'm into making her food look funner than it might actually be. And so was born, the Mickey Mouse Pizza.


It kind of worked. She ate some of it.

Sadly, the sky did not really listen to me yesterday when I asked the rain to go away, because I started my drive in this...


But, halfway to my office, it was this, with a rainbow even...


By the time I got to my office? Sunny and beautiful.


Cute, So Cal. Verrrry tricky.

This weekend, I think I'm skipping the group run (again?!) for PCRF to do some garage saling or something. The H was pretty stoked about it, so I suppose I'll go along. (Just kidding, I love garage sales).

I'm also heavily into spring break trip consideration... I would like to bring #1 back to Catalina, but dude. It's a zillion dollars for the ferry (Or, $70 per adult, $50 for kids), and the hotels are unreasonably priced. And non-hotwire-able. Then I considered Sequoia National Park, 'cause it's National Park Fee-Free week that week, but I started reading all these stories about snow and road closures and needing chains, and escorts. That looks shady. So, I'm at a loss. Any ideas?!

And, hey, it's the last day for my GU and Road ID Giveaway! Click HERE to enter!


  1. Yeah for a magical run!

    Growing up, because of our busy schedules, we usually ate dinner really late at night. A dinner with the family, especially a home-cooked dinner, is a great thing at any hour. That is the cutest Mickey Mouse pizza.

    My husband and I really wanted to take a weekend trip to Catalina Island, but we eventually gave up on the idea because of the cost. We spent some time in San Diego instead and we loved it. Joshua Tree is another idea. My friend's family goes there every year. (I'm not sure where in SoCal you live and maybe you've been there a million times.)

  2. What a wonderful mum you are, cute pizza! Jealous of garage saling, just a couple more months : )
    The main squeeze and I went to Sequoia in May of...2005 and they had a big snow year, but there was still quite a bit of snow at that time. You might just call because it was AWESOME to see.

  3. LOVE th pizza idea! Wish I had an idea for you. I'm from NorCal, though, so I've got nothin'!

  4. Great..that pizza looks so good and now I'm hungry for cheese.

  5. The pizza is so cute! Hope you came up with something fun to do for spring break!

  6. Love hte pizza!! Hope it brightened her day.

    I have a billion marriott points so I always stay at those types of places. I'm going to san Diego in a few months??

  7. That looks like my kind of pizza! Yummy!


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