Monday, March 14, 2011

I swear, it's like this happens once a week....

Plan for this week:
Monday: Suck Less Program
Tuesday: Ellipti-madness - 45 minutes
Wednesday: Yoga, Suck Less Program
Thursday: Ellipti-madness - 45 minutes
Friday: Suck Less Program
Saturday: Ginormously long hike, like, 8 jillion miles. Or, maybe 10. Hopefully.
Sunday: Rest

What's missing from my half-marathon running plan?

Oh, that's right. Running.

The Ankle is still being a punk. I didn't run last week *unless you count the .25 glorious miles on the running store treadmill while I tested some new shoes*. It's still being crafty, and randomly sends shooting pain into my foot while I'm walking innocently through Disneyland. That's not cute, Ankle.

After doing some intense Google-Fu, I've pretty much narrowed down The Ankle situation as Peroneal Tendonitis. And looks like rest and an ankle strengthening program is the way to go.

Curse you, Ankle!

So, I'm icing. And stretching. And not running. I'll rest it again this week. And see what happens.

Last week, I hit all of my plan - Suck Less Program, 3x's; ellipticalled in place of running, 2x's; and I counted 3 hours of Disneyland Friday, 5 hours walking around Dana Point Saturday, and 5 hours at Disneyland Sunday as my Saturday elliptical.

Anyway. Saturday night, I walked out of a running store having spent more on a single pair of shoes (+ orthotics) there than I ever have, in my entire life, INCLUDING my penchant for Coach and Michael Kors. Madness.

Bye, bye Brooks....
But boy, are they pretty... and PINK!

And, someday, maybe I'll even run again and use them.


Is it normal to be jealous of your 12 year old?

Yesterday, #1 ran her first 3 mile "training" run with The H. 3 miles, 28 minutes.

It's like she's a natural. I was a little jealous.

Then, this morning, I packed up #1... and dropped her and her friend off in Dana Point, to take a boat here.... to spend a week. On an island.

Yep. I'm jealous.


  1. Are those Saucony's? I had them in a neutral to go with orthotics last year and really liked them. This year I just bought a pair of the pro grids to keep me company while BROOKS replaces the other one's.

  2. The shoes are lovely, but sucks you aren't able to be using them. Are you hiking somewhere cool? Your daughter is quite the runner, like mother like daughter!

  3. I have those cute pink 4s? I really like them. I had the 3s too. I'm alternating b/w those and the Brooks Trance 10s.

    I'd like to be on an island, too.

  4. Oh, I'm jealous too... I'd love to be on an island.

    Hope the new shoes work well for you. Good luck with your icing and stretching.

  5. #1 looks to be one lucky lady! I like the pink shoes.

  6. PLEEEEZE be careful about your foot!!! You really should get it checked out. Little story, 2 years ago I had pain in my heel. I thought it was PF or some kind of tendinitis. I iced and took ibuprofen and hoped the pain would go away. I thought it was better so I ran on it. Long story short, it was a calcaneal stress fracture. Running on it when i thought it was better ended up completely fracturing the bone. Most. Painful. Moment. of my Life! I was in a cast & crutches for 8 weeks. Then 6 more weeks in boot & crutches. Then 6more weeks just the boot. Do the math - 5 MONTHS off. If I had just gotten an x-ray/mri and found the stress fracture I would've been back running in 8-10 weeks!! Ok, i'll get down off my soapbox.

    Congrats to #1 for being a natural born runner. I'm way jealous!

  7. WOW. amazing. jealous of your daughter FOR SURE.


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