Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Princess Half Recap, Day 1

AKA, The Day I Remembered How Much I Disliked Florida

So, months ago, I went through a (literally) 5 month process to get my California drivers license. I am one check-in away from being Mayor of the Long Beach DMV. Many, many hours were spent there.

Then, at some point during the hospital stays in January, I lost my treasured license. And had to go back to the DMV, 4 weeks out from my flight, to order a replacement. Which they have to mail to you. Last time, it took 6 weeks to arrive. I was hoping for the best, but totally prepared for the worst.

By Thursday's mail, it still hadn't come in. So I planned on getting to LAX extra early in case of the "Additional Screening" I may require.

Turns out, not so much necessary. I showed TSA a copy of my license, my temp license from the DMV, and my birth certificate. Through security in 15 minutes. Score.

I flew Virgin America for the first time, and they were rad. Mood lighting in the cabins...


and remotes for the TV's!


I watched some random TV the whole way, and couldn't sleep despite my 4am wake up call.

The second I walked off the plane in FL, and onto the jetway, it hit me.

The heat. The humidity. Dislike. A lot.

I worked my way downstairs to the Disney Magical Express line, and got more of a side-eye from the attendant there than I did TSA about my lack of photo ID. Um...

And by 4pm, I was at Disney World, and unpacked! I jumped in the shower, and by the time I was done, Becka, L, and A were back from Animal Kingdom. They headed to the pool, and I headed out to the Expo. I've never done a real Expo, and Becka said it was a madhouse when she went earlier, so I was pumped. I love a good shopping frenzy!

Quick bus trip (have I ever mentioned how much I love Disney transportation!?), and I made it!


I guess I missed the big crowd, 'cause I didn't think it was that bad...


No line at the packet pick up, so I grabbed my paperwork, checked my D-tag, and exchanged out my Large shirt for a Medium (really, Disney? I swear I asked for a medium...). The obligatory glass sneaker shot...


There was some cute stuff, but nothing that I really NEEDED...


I walked out of there spending less than $30, on a coffee mug, magnet, Body Glide, and some Gu. Sweet!

The shirt in our goody bag was pretty cute, too!


Headed back to the hotel, and hit the pasta special in the food court for dinner. Early to bed, I was wiped out, and my roommates were getting up early for the 5K... Lights out by 10!

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  1. Well I spent $130+ at the expo - so I made up for your non-spending! :-) That skirt? Bought it!

    I think Becka and I were at the expo at the same time ... and it really was a madhouse! It took me 2 hours just to get through the vendors and shopping. Packet pick up was a breeze though. I love our shirt! I wore mine in the park and it was so comfy!


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