Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm bored.

First, you have until Friday to enter my GU and Road ID giveaway - see here! We are OVER $1800 in donations for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.. THANK YOU!

2. I took an unplanned rest day yesterday to do some shopping and dinner with Snork last night. Despite the rest day, I still woke up today feeling like I'm getting #1's funk. Bleh.

3. I've concluded that I'm a wuss. Everyone who ran the LA Marathon said it was the best experience, despite the rain and wind and cold and hypothermia.

4. I'm freaking out a little bit (just a little) about emergency preparedness. I live in earthquake country, and realized last week that... I'm not prepared. And I started thinking, with VERY LARGE PLANS - as in, thinking about stockpiling 3 years of supplies for when I have to shelter in place. In my apartment. In Irvine. Then I realized that probably wasn't the best idea, and adjusted that to HIDING a cache of supplies somewhere within walking distance. THEN, I realized, I live in Orange County, which is not exactly rural countryside. Where would I hide stuff? I finally settled for a couple gallons of water under my sink (done) and a storage box of non-perishables (still to do).

5. I went (maybe) a little overboard with the disaster planning, and (might have) registered for some CRAZY survivalist websites. I should not do these things, they feed the paranoid crazy person in me.

6. I've become addicted to Groupon. I don't really buy things (I did buy 3 for 1 RedBox rentals, and a $30 massage, but so far that's it), but I can't stop looking. My morning routine is something like, check texts, check FB, check Twitter, check Groupon, brush my hair. But today, $10 for unlimited rides at Santa Monica Pier?! Hello!! But then I realize I don't even *like* the rides at Santa Monica Pier (there may have been a meltdown on the ferris wheel, and not by my kids).

7. I totally buy those Groupon's through SwagBucks. Which I stalk and collect like mad, and have never redeemed. Seriously, I use their tool bar to search Google, to go to google and search for things. But I collect 75-ish points a day by doing that. Points that, again, I don't even use. Madness.

8. The H has succumbed to the pressure and wants to register for a half. We're eyeing the Long Beach Half in October... His goal? 1:55. Punk.

9. Holy crap, William Shatner is EIGHTY?!


10. Run Disney has a big, super secret announcement to make, and I'm waiting (im)patiently!!! HURRY UP!


  1. Eighty?! That cannot be right.

  2. I cannot get over Shatner and 80. I saw that and had to google it multiple times because I am still in disbelief! He seems so young!

    I NEED to hear this RunDisney announcement. Do we even know which resort it is in? Florida or California?

    I will enter your giveaway tonight! I've been sucking at all things blog related, and giveaways has been a biggie that I've slacked on.

  3. You're cracking me up with the survivalist stuff. However, maybe you will have the last laugh! Wow, William Shatne is that old?

  4. really? Shatner's 80??? Holy crow indeed! I think races with conditions that beyond suck sort of make you feel more alive. Sick I know.

  5. I used to work in Emergency Prep, and you've probably been on it, but FEMA's website is helpful and chat about things with your family so everyone is on the same page if something were to happen.
    I'm going to ditto you and everyone with Shatner, holy crap?!?

  6. Totally excited for the runDisney announcement!

  7. 1-nice fundraising!!
    2-just say no to flu
    3-folks are bad-ass...cold rain sucks
    4-5-become Mormon..those folks know their food storage : )
    6-7-no idea...groupon?
    8-H is bad-ass

  8. I'm right there with you on the emergency preparedness thing. We're in the red zone too. (New Madrid fault) All the experts say that we can expect a "significant" seismic event within our lifetime, and we are so unprepared.

  9. Psh, every race report I've read said that the LA marathon was a big shit-show. You must be reading too many glass-half full blogs! :)

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