Monday, March 21, 2011

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Last week, the plan got tweaked a little. Mainly because I hate the elliptical and have totally zero motivation to touch it. So, instead, I tried an easy 1.75 miles on Thursday, and it was fine! Then 3.25 on Saturday, and also fine!!! And, then, 5.25 on Sunday, and MAGIC!! I'm doing a lot of stretching, and icing, and foam rolling, but so far, so good. The Ankle gets a little fiesty occassionally, but nothing over a 4/10, and nothing I can't run through. Awesome. Plus, the hiking was cancelled because of ridiculous weather this weekend. Hello, SoCal, it's SPRING. Keep up.

Speaking of, seriously, did you SEE that mess that was the LA Marathon?! Holy crow. The folks that ran that, and the spectators and volunteers that participated... wow. Impressive. I nearly didn't run Sunday because I'd have to jog over to the gym in the rain/wind. I can't even imagine running in that for 26.2 miles.

Which got me thinking...

What DO you do if you've paid a small fortune in registration (LA was $145) and the weather is ridiculous? It's no secret that I'm a giant wuss about the weather. I don't like it too hot, too sunny, too windy, too wet, too cloudy, too cold...


The Suck Less Program seems to be working! When I took the initial test HERE, I was at 17 crunches, 3 push ups, 27 squats.
Yesterday, after week 2, I was at 27 crunches, 10 Push ups, 70 squats (!!!).

Plan for this week:
Monday - Suck Less Program
Tuesday - 5 mile easy run
Wednesday - Yoga, Suck Less Program
Thursday - 4 mile tempo run (yikes!)
Friday - Suck Less Program
Saturday - 8 mile easy run

And Saturday will mark the completion of my first marathon - of the Cupcake variety.


  1. I saw that about the LA Marathon! I guess if I was already running...I'd keep going. But if it was monsooning and I was inside dry somewhere, I'd probably skip it. I'm a weather wimp too though. It gets so hot in orlando that I'm considering marathon training on a treadmill.

  2. I haven't seen anything on the LA Marathon other than just a couple of blogs mentioning it. That sucks!

  3. Really did LA have crap weather too? Ugh! When I've paid mega $$ for a marathon Chicago 2007 and 1020) I ran then regretted it because I despise heat more than anything. In the future I vow to skip uber hot least that's what I'm telling myself.
    Nice work sucking less!!!

  4. If it was anything less than a full I would have thought about backing out. But seriously, after all the hard work and training (even if it was only 5 weeks!) there was no way I was throwing it out the window just like that.

    Plus I grew up in Ohio so we know how to deal with weather other than 75 and sunny ;)

  5. Good news on your ankle, slowly, but surely!
    Bummer about the weather for that marathon. If I trained that long though I would have to give it a go, I'm bull-headed so I've been told though.

  6. Cupcake marathon? Geez...sign me up. I've got to go with it!

  7. oh I heard about that weather, crazy! there's nothing they can really do about that. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess.

  8. I'd run it. It is almost a sick pleasure of mine to go out in the nastiest conditions during a race. I had one last year where I was soaked through just from walking to the start line. It's kind of a crazy bonding thing in the end!

    I was busy doing my own 10 mile run Sunday, so I didn't see LA's weather. I'll have to google for pictures since everybody is talking about it!


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