Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Princess Half Report... Day 2.

Saturday, Becka, L, and A were running the Beauty and the Beast Family 5K, so they had a pretty early wake-up call. I, however, slept in to a very luxurious 6am. I wanted to meet them at the finish line, to get them to Magic Kingdom for our 9am reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table!

While I was laying around thinking about getting out of bed, this gem popped on the TV...


Awesome. Thanks, Florida, for never letting me down.

B blogged the super fun breakfast, and our day, and I didn't really take pictures, so check out her post here...

We headed out of the park around 3, and back to the hotel for some pool time with A. Note: Don't forget your towels. It's a long, cold walk back if you do. And no matter what the 5 year old says, the water is probably NOT warm.

Hit up the food court for the pasta special again, along with apparently everyone else in the universe...


I grabbed a carrot cake, but... I just couldn't eat it. So. much. food. I was STUFFED after most of my pasta, a salad, and breadstick. Guh.

Headed back to the hotel, and got our race stuff ready for the morning...


Off to bed by 10 again... score! 2:59am was going to come mighty early....

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  1. When I saw that same thing on the tv I about died!! Seriously?? Last year it was freezing and this year we are near record highs??


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