Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap

Miles run: 53
Miles planned: 77

I had a couple wonky pains that concerned me, so I cut a few runs. I wanted to get to the start line without injury. And it worked.

In February, I had my highest mileage week to date, at 20.3 miles.
I also ran a distance PR twice - 10.9 miles (accidentally!), then 13.25 at my first half (from what I've read, the course ran a teeny bit long... so it wasn't just my app that calculated that).

Going forward, I have...

The PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half on May 1st, then...

The City of Cypress 10K on July 23rd... It was $25, chip timed, on a flat course. I wanted a 10K on my schedule as a backup (in case my time is sucktastic in the half) to avoid being in the second to last corral again for the....

Disneyland Half on September 4th.

I've ALSO got a couple virtual races slated for March. I love these - they're fun to incorporate into my regular training, and keep me on track when I'm getting lazy.

And more importantly... Gabby started her second round of chemo this month, and got off of The Steroid that made her terrible. She also was taken off of her blood pressure meds :D. She didn't need ANY transfusions this month, her numbers were ALL fantastic, and she was in excellent spirits.

AND, #1 participated in the kids' 1 mile races during the Hope and Harmony run this weekend, and landed 2nd place. She rocks :D


  1. So glad Gabby's numbers are on track and that she is feeling good. And you have a great race line-up for the spring!

  2. AWESOME!!!! Such great news about Gabby!

  3. You had an awesome month and I love the picture of Gabs and the goat :D

  4. You go. I hope to be out there with you on atleast one of those. Maybe 2.


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