Monday, February 13, 2012

The PR that almost was.... non-Mermaid Half Recap

Remember last week, when I was all hopped up making goals and PR attempts at my goal race on Sunday?

So I had a goal. 2:20. I felt READY - the course was totally flat, I hydrated and fueled like a pro. It was totally going to happen, I just knew it.

Saturday morning, I was supposed to go with Sarah and Pam to cheer on Skinny Runner at her first ultra, but couldn't make it work with some plans #1 made. So instead, I spent the morning chauffeuring the kid, and shopping.

I have resisted the Lulu-aide for so, so long. But everything there is like magic.

I actually walked out and didn't buy anything.

But the time is coming. I can't hold off much longer.

Anyway. Saturday, I did that stuff. And not much else. Drank tons of water. Ate tons of carbs. Went to bed super early, with an alarm set for 3:57.

Woke up. Coffee. Hung out. Dressed obnoxiously.

Drove the 90 minutes south to Mission Bay...


And getting closer, I note how overcast it is. Nice, I thought. I LOVE overcast.And then, around Del Mar, it starts pouring rain. I do NOT like running in cold, pouring rain.

Get to Mission Bay, and try to follow the directions on the Mermaid Half website - which I checked pretty obsessively, thinking I had the start time confused (note, I didn't). Driving. Circling. Huh. There's no start line.

Then I check their facebook page, thinking surely I can't be the only one confused about where to go.

And start seeing posts like,





Aaaaannnnnnd, yeah. So, the race was Saturday. NOT Sunday.


So, that sucked.

I drove back home, through the rain, and by the time I made it back to Irvine, it was getting toasty, and the sun was out. But I was ready, so I ran 13.1 anyway.


I ran a bike path loop twice (exactly 5 miles, each loop), then a loop around my neighborhood once (just over 3.1). I decided to follow my pace strategy anyway, and see what I could pull out, and run a pretend race. Because... why not, I guess. It's not like i had any other plans for the morning....

1-2.5 - shooting for 11min pace. I think I averaged 11:15 - I was blah and not really feeling like running, and had an earphone malfunction, and walked to sort out my cords. Oh, plus this out part of the loop is a slight uphill the whole way - it's the last piece of the PCRF course in May. Rude.

2.5-5 - wheeeeee downhill. Shooting for 11-10:45ish. I think I hit this - but I haven't really looked at my Garmin data yet.

5-7.5 - mother effer up hill again. Unsure why I would do this to myself. Seriously, it's like a build-your-own-race-course, and I choose this? Dumb. Shooting for 10:40-10:30. I think I was pretty close.

7.5-10 - wheeeeee downhill again. Felt FANTASTIC. Aiming for 10:30-10:15. Did well under - mile 9 was 9:50. Felt like I could run this pace for DAYS.

10-11.5 - Shooting for 10:15-10. Mile 10 was sub-10. Mile 11 started same pace. Hit about mile 11.5, and within 20 feet it was as if I could not move another step. the 9:45 pace that felt effortless 400m ago, was immediately turned into 11:40, and HARD. Eff that.

11.5-13 - Shoulda been 10-9:45. Eeked out a 10:20-ish. Want to die. Roasting, it's a thousand degrees and sunny. Pretty sure I will not survive. Want to take advantage of auto-pause, but I feel like that's cheating, so I don't. I walk a bit. I run. I hate life. I'm miserable.

13-13.1 - 8:55. Done.

My shiny new PR*: 2:19:24.

I had a secret, back-of-my-mind goal of 2:15. Considering Mermaid is pretty pancake flat, and was in cooler, less sunny weather, I bet I would have made it.

Oh well.

Maybe next time.


  1. Aaaaaaaa! My worst nightmare! Oh man. You rocked that 13.1 anyway! ANd in style!

    Oh man, I am trying how to get myself some more Lulu. I have that ruffle skirt in blue, but it hasn't been warm enough to wear it yet. I also hate the ruffle butt one in black. I heart it.

  2. Congrats on the PR* - Luluaid is right. Curse their glorious stuff.

  3. Ok girl, no wonder I was so stinking confused! When I saw your reply about going to the 50k support in Long Beach I figured you were ditching Mermaid. I am a bad friend and should have replied "but aren't you running Saturday, I'll come support you!?" Sigh, I suck. I feel terrible.

    Way to go bust out 13.1 anyway and PR. Boom.

  4. OMG, I could not imagine this! I am so sorry you missed the race but you ROCKED your 13.1!! Way to make it up!

  5. OMG, you are hysterical. You still rocked a PR though without crazy fan motivation and after a 3 hr. round trip drive. Um, you're WINNING in my book (even with the brain fart).

  6. A race on a Saturday...I would be confused too. Whenever I sign up for a Sat race I mark it down in RED on the calendar and I double check to make sure they are not the ones confused!

    congrats on that time.
    You will get the PR without the * in May!!!

  7. This is kind of hilarious.

    And now you KNOW you have a sub 2:20 in you, which will make 2:15 that much easier. When you actually make it to a race.

  8. OMG, no you didn't! LOL

    Congrats on your new PR anyway!

  9. Gah! I've done stuff like that before :P But look at that new PR!!!!!! Way to do it, girl :)

  10. OMG, I can't believe that, it totally sounds like something I would do!! I am so sorry. Great PR though!

  11. I honestly don't understand why they have a Saturday race day anyway. Sunday is the norm! Saturday races just annoy me sometimes (since half the month I have to teach on Saturdays and can't run).

  12. OMG...I am so sorry you missed it. I love the new PR and the so cute!

  13. :( These things happen, but they're still pretty sucky. Well done for going running anyway!

  14. i would’ve totally freaked and cried and pouted all day. you my dear, are an inspiration! i need to take after you :):) and congrats on the time :)

  15. ahhhh crap!!

    oh man what a bummer but like Rose said now you know what you have in you!

  16. You are amazing!! That is so great...and now your next race you will be all pumped up because you know you can do it!!!

  17. I think you get major bonus points for still doing your "race" even though you missed the actual race. Most of us wouldn't have done that. AND you raced it and kicked ass. Woo-freaking-hoo! You're awesome!!

  18. Son of a....!!!!!

    (that is one of my secret fears. truly.)

    But CONGRATS on your new PR!

  19. Way to get the run in and congrats and your almost PR. I got the time mixed up for a race once and pulled into the parking lot about 3 minutes before the start. I didn't even have my bib yet! It was super embarassing because it was a small race and everyone was just standing there watching me. Well, they probably didn't really care but that's what it felt like.


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