Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tinker Bell Half Weekend - The In Between's

Friday, I took off of work early, headed down to Huntington Beach to pick up Becka and A.

Me: Where are you?
B: Huntington Beach?
Me: Where in HB? Where should I park.
B: Just north of beach.
B: Twin dolphin.
Me: Cross street? I have no idea what twin dolphin is. {neither did my google map}
Um. ALL of the beach is on PCH.

But I found her, and A, recovering from a ladybug attack.

Ran home, and found a ginormous display of fruit from our friend Ruth, who was supposed to join us, but couldn't last minute. Sad face.

We pretty much ravaged the fruit, and then ran to the expo, in our sparkle skirts.


Unfortunately, Team Sparkle had been swarmed, and they were all out of the swag bags. Sad face.
I placated myself with... sparkles.

Madison dared us to take a picture with Superman at the Hollywood Half booth....

but he was nowhere to be found. Luckily, she accepted Batgirl.

Home, Lasagna, Friends, Sleep.

Saturday, we woke up super early for the Kids' Races - recap here.


The H's sister was in town, so after the race, we all went across the street to breakfast. The place we went was okay. But it was... weird.


Not the kids. The place.

Need a book? It's in the lobby.

Afterwards, we headed back to the Expo, because a little birdie told us Sparkle Swag Bags were back... But alas, we were too late. Sad face again :(.

But, you know. This happened.
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THEN, we headed back down to Irvine for Team So Much Cooler Online Serious Pants meetup!

{lifted from Pretty Fittie}
l-r: Madison, moi, ChaCha, Sandy from BIC Bands!, Becka, Pam, Pretty Fittie Ashley, Sarah, Danica, Julie, and Nicole.

After some cupcake eating, strategizing, and deciding who is in the stinky van, we disbanded and headed home briefly before running to dinner. Where our waiter was shocked at how much Becka can eat.

True, that happened. In his defense, she is deceptively small. I don't know where all that food possibly goes.

Becka, our very tall friend Mary, and Kat headed over to our hotel for the night (Crowne Plaza Anaheim, Priceline, $55 winning bid, $69 total. Winning!). Julie joined us at the hotel bar, where I drank a bottle of water and bailed within 15 minutes. Lame old lady with a cold. That's me. I was back at the room and in bed by 9, and sleeping by 10. I know at some point everyone else came back, and I mumbled something disparaging about effing Disney and their super early wake up calls. Alarm set for 3:38, and out.

The Tink recap... that's coming. There are SO.MANY.PICTURES to sort through.....


  1. You are so awesome you dare taker-er!

  2. Why is it that the books are on the top shelf but the rubbing alcohol isn't? Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Looks like you had a great time, fun weekend.

  4. Just came across your blog... love that your kids did a race, I'm excited for my daughter to participate in those (hoping she'll want to!!) Sounds like fun, I look forward to the race recap!

  5. more pictures! more pictures!!

  6. I love that you were mayor of the expo!

  7. Best mayoral status ever!!

    That is the strangest selection of merchandise where you had breakfast.


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