Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.

I really, really suck at time management, apparently.

Yesterday, I was scheduled for 7 miles (easy). Monday night, I had grand plans to wake up at 4:12 am to be running by 4:45 to be done by 6 to shower and leave for work by 6:30.

And then my alarm went off at 4:12, and I remembered, running alone in the dark in the morning really freaks me out. I know, we've had this chat before, I don't know WHY I thought this time would be different.

And WHY did I want to run in the morning? Because I had dinner plans with some friends at this place.

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"America's Best Salads" -> not necessarily true.

Anyway, then I decided I would run my 7 miles on WEDNESDAY morning, before the "Conditioning" class (I'm going to keep "" that word until it no longer equals torture and cruel things).

But then I realized, I am not fooling anyone with this morning run business. I'll run what I can before dinner, then run whatever 1-2 miles in the morning before class.

Except, by the time I got home, yapped with the family for a bit, changed, etc etc etc ad nauseum procrastinated lame, I could only fit in FOUR miles.


But whatever. I ran the 4 (42:37, 10:39 pace). Met Skinny Runner, Sarah, Margot, Pam, and Monica for soup and salad...

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....and next time, can we do Souplantation? This 5 item topping limit is completely unrealistic.

Margot brought our Nuun stuff - they're supporting Team So Much Cooler Online!

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Pretty rad. And, delicious.

And then I skipped FroYo with them after because I promised the kids I'd be home before they went to bed.

And THEN, this morning, my alarm went off at 4:34 (wtf), and I was actually waking up and ready to get out of bed, when Gabby walked face first into my bedroom door and scared the hell out of me. Then she walked in saying, "I'm okay. That really freaked me out.".

That kid cracks me up.

So I hung out quietly waiting for her to stop talking (seriously, she was starting full-blown conversations, and poor H just wanted to snore), before I procrastinated myself long enough into only having time to run 1 mile before "Conditioning" class.

1 mile, 10:45.

So to recap, last night, 4 miles, dinner, no fro yo. This morning, 4:34 heart attack, 1 mile run, 45 minute "conditioning" class.

So this is why, when the Stabucks boy this morning asked if, at 7:28 am, I was ready to start my day now that I had coffee, I laughed at him.

Sorry, it was rude, but I couldn't come up with a more reasonable response.

Anyway. BIC Bands is running a special today - buy 3 bands, get 1 "goof" band FREE! And, since they're donating a portion of February sales, that makes TODAY you're last chance to shop and donate at the same time! SHOP SHOP SHOP!


  1. 4 a.m. is really early, and really dark. Can't blame you for not wanting to get it in then. I don't envy your early hour leave for work time--makes it tough, I'm sure!

  2. What a couple of days! I bet you'll be right back on track in no time...time with friends is not time wasted at all! :)

  3. I hate early wake up calls. Ah the kid walking on you early in the morning always freaks the crap out of me.

  4. ok

    I'm sooooo with you on the time management thing.

  5. Seriously tired just reading that. It is so hard to fit it all in but it sounds like you are doing a pretty darn good job at it!

    Last night I got about 10 minutes of my 30 minute video done before baby girl couldn't stop crawling on me and lost her mind crying when I had to stand up. We do what we can and move on.

    Did you still need some help with graphic design stuff for the bibs? I signed up for the half under Team Gabby and and happy to help, just let me know. (

  6. 4:12
    ..... either you don't like round times or you have PRECISION timing when getting ready ;-)

  7. I can not exercise in the morning, I seriously hate it. I don't know how anyone does it. I'm afternoon and evening, I am trying to accept this about myself and move on.:)

  8. This exhausts me to read about.

    Sleep is good.


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