Friday, February 10, 2012

Team Gab - WEEK 4 WINNER!

Wednesday night, I attended the PCRF Team Captain kick off meeting.


PCRF is celebrating its 30th year of supporting research to treat and end childhood cancers.

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So many of you have donated - THANK YOU. At the meeting, I learned that PCRF has raised over $28 MILLIONS dollars to fund research. Many of the research programs that they are helping to fund are implemented right away - the dollars you've donated have treated people virtually immediately.

I've mentioned before that since Gabby entered maintenance, her chemo at home is pretty easy.

This is about half of what we used to have for her.

Because of the research funded by PCRF and your donations, someday, it will be even less.

Or, non-existent.

Wouldn't that be fantastic.

And we are among the very, very lucky. I mean.. look at this kid.

In less than one year. It's pretty amazing.

Anyway, in our Team Captain packets were some pediatric cancer facts...

You can CLICK HERE to donate to PCRF and support funding for research to treat and abolish childhood cancers.

And if you're donating anyway, have you already joined the Team Gab Virtual Race?? Check out this link for the giant giveaway - there are TONS of great prizes by Road ID, ViiAD jewelry, Team Sparkle, and more. Way more. Seriously, so much more.

AND, no pressure, but Team Gab is down to THIRD place in the team fundraising....

$361 from 2nd place, and $501 from 1st.

I'm just saying.

If you're interested in running the PCRF races, but not sure if you're capable (duh, of COURSE you are), they offer a training program similar to Team in Training - for a minimum fundraising amount, they will provide coaching, group runs, and more fun than should be possible. You can email me ( or click HERE for more information. There are seriously GREAT fundraising incentives - seriously, I'm not exaggerating. Shoes, tech shirts, jackets, FREE HOTEL at the start/finish line. It's no joke. And the fundraising minimums are looooow. {Note: if you've ALREADY registered with Team Gab, and WANT to switch to the VIP training program, LET ME KNOW - I can have you moved, and you can get the prizes, too.}

Did I mention VIP participants get entry to the VIP tent post-race, with food (real food, like FOOD food), and drinks - and by drinks, I mean beer.


THANK YOU to everyone who has run your Virtual Race!!

I think I caught everyone, and hunted down a few reports, but IF I AM MISSING YOU, please email me! I would love to link you!

Jess was the first one to complete her run! Check out her 10K report here!

Alene at Journey to Badwater didn't just run - she raced IN COSTUME and placed in her AG. Badass. Seriously, you have to check out this report - 80's costumes are hysterical.

Sabrina at Just Plodding Along organized a group run in Arizona, and donated over $200!! And, she made delicious chocolate chip pancakes.

Jen at From Fat to Finish Line ran her very first 10K - honored to host it ;).

Jen at Running with the Girls ran her 10K in what appears to be ALL THE SNOW.

Nicole at Becoming Another Mother Runner dedicated her Tinker Bell Half to Team Gab!

Happier Heather ran a sketchy, icy 5K, and killed her previous year time.

Jennifer at Mom's Running It! and her husband ran the 10K, and BOTH PR'ed!

Jen at Runner.... Maybe ran a 10K, and battled power outages (crazy).

Alma, the Kim to Team Gab.

Alex at Healthy Life Happy Wife (love) ran the 10K, a DISTANCE PR for her!

Bobbi at Zero to 26.2 Chicago Polar Dash 1/2 Marathon in what also appears to be ALL THE SNOW. (SERIOUSLY, snow runners, I don't know how you do it).

Marcia, The Stud, almost missed her SoCal race, but made it and dedicated Carlsbad Half to Team Gab. STILL bummed we missed each other!

Heather at Go, Girl, Go ran the ING Miami half but is busy traveling the world because she has my dream job and hasn't posted her report ;).


And, I know you scrolled through all of that babble and you're realllllly just looking for a winner, right?


Winner, winner...



Congratulations, Bobbi! Go check out the prizes, and let me know what you'd like!

For the month of February, ChaCha will be donating 20% of her Etsy sales to Team Gab! SHOP SHOP SHOP - her stuff is freaking adorable!

And of course, BIC Bands is still on the bandwagon, and donating a portion of their January and February sales as well!


  1. Yay Bobbi! You're on a roll!
    The day when cancer is non-existant cannot come soon enough.

  2. I've had 4 sales in Feb and another I'm working on for Margot. Not too shabby! And we still have 18 days left in the month.

  3. Did you know my high school best friend and I were diagnosed (15 years apart) with the same, very rare childhood cancer? That's something I don't want my (future) children to be able to say! Yeah, Team Gab!! :)

  4. YAY GAB!

    my race was done on the treadmill, so no wonder you missed it.

    but I also wrote about it in a different post : )

  5. YAY GAB! look at her :) what a rock star. I have a co worker who's child is a pediatric cancer survivor. Have you ever written to the make a wish foundation?? if not you should.

    Congrats Bobbi xoxo

  6. I could not be more proud or happier to be on THE team
    again this week I got the news nobody want to get, Bill's best friend's wife has breast cancer. I am still in shock and we are all so sad.


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