Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Roundup, Plan For The Week

1. If you missed it last week, I am EXTENDING the Team Gab Virtual Run an additional 2 week. You can CLICK HERE to read the details and sign up. There are still prizes from BIC Bands, Tommie Copper, Arctic Ease, Road ID, ViiAD Jewelry, and MORE.

2. Team Gab is sitting at $2,994 in fundraising - do you know what that is?

It's $6 away from $3,000. If everyone who read this donated a dollar, I bet we could top 3Grand TODAY.


And, if you donate a dollar - just one, tiny $1 - today, I'll add 3 entries to the Team Gab Virtual Run giveaway for this coming Friday.

Click HERE to donate.

3. PCRF kicked off their training program Saturday with what looks like about DOUBLE the size of the group we had last year - that is AMAZING.

Pepper, our fearless leader (and organizer) reported that the VIP Training participants had raised a total of $7,870 dollars as of Sunday.

Coach Doris is still extra peppy...

IF YOU ARE IN SOCAL, AND ON THE FENCE ABOUT JOINING.... Renegade Racing is offering a 15% discount good through tonight at midnight. You can register HERE, select "Join a Team", type in "Team Gab", and use discount code "presidentrenegade".

The VIP option is an EXCELLENT choice if you want to join a fun group, receive professional coaching and training, and raise money. If you are interested, email me for info.

4. After my run with the group, I went home and put on real person clothes, and headed back out to do some shopping for a party #2 had to go to....

oops. Lulu-aide strikes again.

5. Then we took #2 to the party, sat in Souplantation eating all the things for 90 minutes, went back to pick her up, and locked our keys in the car. So, that was fun.

6. Sunday, I skipped anything active. Yeah. That's right. I skipped a 10 mile run. I didn't cycle like I said I would instead. I slept until 7:30, woke up and won a couple eBay auctions. And then went shopping with #1.

Best purchase of the day. $4!! Then, I met my friend and her pretty baby at Souplantation and sat around eating all the things (again!) until it was lava cake time. It's true, that happened. Followed by a trip to 85*C bakery, again.

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Yes, FourSquare, in fact I DO love fresh baked goodness.

7. And that brings us to today, where apparently I'm the ONLY PERSON in OC working.

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To recap last week....
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles, easy, 1:04:47, 10:47 pace. (Of note, my real 10K PR is 1:06:05....)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Normally, this is speed work day. But, I was extra tired and thought I needed some extra rest.
Friday: ...and switched my 10x400 to here. Turns out, I was STILL extra tired, and probably should have made this an easy run, but instead, I did this:

Man, did it suck. It was my first time running intervals outside (thanks to some EXCELLENT directions from The Jesse!), so it definitely took a few tries to get the feel for the correct pace. When I got home and uploaded my data, I am equally horrified and excited to report, there were SEVERAL points that I was running 6:03-6:08 pace. I don't even know how to fathom how fast that is, and it's OBVIOUSLY unintentional. I had no idea that capability even existed in my super short stupid slow legs. Anyway, in the end, I think I loved doing the intervals outside, I think I just clearly need to practice this more - and now that it's staying light out longer, I don't feel so creepy running outside alone.

Saturday: 4 miles, easy pace with PCRF. LOVE THIS GROUP.

For this week.....
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: I might try to hit the Mind Body class PCRF provides for us. Maybe. It's so early, though - 6am. And then I'd have to come into work late. So... not sure.
Thursday: 6 miles easy
Friday: rest
Saturday: RACE DAY (for REAL, I've double checked). 10K. I'll post later about my goals.

I feel like this was really long, and you're probably not reading still by this point, so now seems like a good time to throw in that I'm reallllllly excited and again, equally ashamed, to start planning a trip to Knoxville (Knoxville, no really) to see Lemonheads March 3. I know. I'm out of control. It's madness. In my defense, this time, This Lady started it. And, we're in agreement that considering my BFF Evan Dando's current lifestyle, there's no telling how much time we really have left to enjoy him. So.... might as well.


  1. $6 donated! Great fundraising. I have not attempted intervals outside, I still stick to the treadmill for that.

  2. Alright - your post last week about the drug companies not investing in low-profit drugs killed me. Just threw in another little donation to bring you up to an even number (temporarily). ooo

  3. Love that pink dress! Donated again today!

  4. Donated!

    That dress is amazing...$4!! What a great find!!

  5. That pink dress is awesome, I love it.

    Running intervals outside will get easier. Plus, it will give you the advantage to get faster {whatever your faster is} because you won't be "stuck" on the same speed like on a treadmill, you can increase/decrease as you want: think fartleks DURING speedwork. Yes, FARTLEKS during SPEEDWORK. Try it. FUN, weeeeeeehhhhhhh!


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