Friday, February 17, 2012

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

Team Gab just passed the $2,800 mark...

Last year, we raised $2,370. THANK YOU for helping me top that this year!


Earlier this week, I posted to facebook a link to a report on a shortage of methotrexate.


Methotrexate is one of the most critical drugs in treating ALL, which is what Gabby has. She takes methotrexate at home, orally, via ELEVEN pills, every Thursday night. She receives an intrathecal dose every 12 weeks at the infusion center.

Remember a few months ago, when I posted the trick with putting the pill in the grapes?

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That's the methotrexate. (Lucky for us, now she just takes them - all 11. She's pretty much my hero.)

Anyway. So this drug, it's a low-profit drug for the manufacturers. It's old, it's not doing a lot for their bottom line.

Apparently, their solution is to... stop making it. And then feign ignorance about WHY there is a shortage.

From the report:
"There are couple other drugs that can be injected into the spinal fluid, but none that are as effective," said Link. "As for the high dose version of the drug, there's no workaround for it."

THIS is why research and development of new treatments is so critical.

There is no workaround.

Gabby's hospital currently has a three month supply of methotrexate available. So for her lumbar in 3 weeks, she's fine. But the one following that?

Unless something changes, there could be none left.

"You're always faced with the problem of whether you can use something else that might work," said Link. "You know in your heart that you're compromising on the cure rate."

I've quoted these statistics before, but now seems like an appropriate time to restate them.

  • Gabby is being treated with protocols that are DECADES old.
  • New treatments have not been made available to treat childhood cancers for TWENTY years.
  • Despite very aggressive therapies that approach the limits of tolerability for the child, the overall survival rate for childhood cancer has remained unchanged since 1998.
You can click HERE to donate to support research to find new treatments.

Ignore the broccoli.

These other fine folks are fundraising, too - shop around for your favorite cause(s), and spread the love.

Jolene at Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run is raising money for Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Pam is fundraising for Back on my Feet, a nonprofit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of those experiencing homelessness by engaging them in running.

Lauren is taking the Polar Plunge in March. Proceeds from the Polar Plunge provide FREE year-round sports training and competition for the Special Olympics.

Trinity is running for LINK HERE) and Jana (LINK HERE) are raising money for the 100 Mile Club's Run4Kids. They will be running for 6 hours on a 1/4 mile track, cheering on the kids as they run to add miles towards their 100 mile goal. "Every $10 I raise will sponsor a student for a year, and my goal is to raise enough to sponsor 20 kids."

Lauren is supporting the American Diabetes Association, and riding a Tour de Cure.

Debbie is doing TWO events with Team In Training - America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride and Eleven Oconee Sprint Tri.

The MFDre is running Boston and raising money for Fred's Team, benefiting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Michel at Baby Weight My Fat Ass is running the Chicago Marathon with Run For Autism.

HLove is and hosting a Virtual Run benefiting the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

Elisabeth is running her first FULL Ironman with
Team in Training.

Jana is running the Wine Country Half Marathon for Team Challenge and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. "Over 80% of every dollar I raise will directly fund the mission of CCFA" <---- I LOVE THAT STAT. Chelsea is running RnR San Diego Marathon, The Estes Park Half Marathon and the Mayors Marathon in Alaska for Team in Training - holy busy!

Kristi is running the Country Music Marathon for the Project Athena Foundation - their mission "to help women with medical or traumatic setbacks live their athletic and adventurous dreams as part of their recovery."

Caroline is running Race for the Cure for the Susan G Komen Foundation in LA on March 25th - if I'm available, I'm running with her! (as in, I may already be committed to something, not that I'm super high demand)

We runners sure are a giving bunch, eh?


Check out The Jesse's Team Gab 5K report, and Molly the Sleeper Baker's treadmill 10K!

This week's Team Gab winner.....

My screen capture tool isn't working. That's cute.

Anyway, #36 according to is Elizabeth from Running for Bling!! Elizabeth, check out the Team Gab giveaway page and let me know which prize you'd like!

......and, there are still a BILLION prizes left. I'm going to EXTEND THE VIRTUAL RACE deadline 2 weeks - through March 2nd, while I come up with a creative way to dispense prizes. {Any ideas on raffling these bad boys off?}


Are YOU fundraising?? Link up in the comments!


  1. Go TEAM TOUGH CHIK! Love your blog!

  2. I didn't realize that they are phasing out MTX. I will have to check that out myself. I can only imagine the concern in that situation. I do hope that situation is remedied quickly in your favor.

    Gabby is a tough cookie. 11 pills is a lot!

  3. No advances in 20 years? WTH? Frustrating for sure.
    Gabs is so adorable and she was my idol even before I heard about the 11 pills. Wow!

  4. The stats in this post break my heart (no new treatments for 20 years?!?) and have left me a sobbing mess. And then I watched the little video of Gabby. More sobbing. She is so adorable. And she definitely is my HERO. To the moon and back a 1000 times over.

  5. Gaby is very brave!
    I am proud to be on her team!

    yes fundraising

    Breast Cancer
    join my team here

  6. Runners are just the best people. It is so great that people do so much for great causes. And Gabby is a rock star. I can barely get a vitamin down. 11 pills, are you kidding me.

  7. thank you gabby for being so strong and cute. I can't believe the lack of meds. You are amazing for getting this team going!

  8. That is really scary, and it pisses me off.

    But Gabs is such a cutie pie : )

  9. All of my ultra runs benefit the Poudre Valley Cancer Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, groundbreaking this spring! But I want to support Gab and PCRF.
    Re: methotrexate and other drug shortages, Greed is a dangerous thing. Drug companies claim "manufacturing and quality concerns" but that is just a code word for, we didn't want to invest the money in these areas because the profit isn't big enough. I hope to see enough of a viral response to this (remember Komen) to light a fire under these drug companies butts so we can reverse this shortage.

  10. What an awesome list of amazing runners! I love seeing all of these.

    The stats are pretty scary and even more disappointing. It is amazing to know that we haven't seen any advancements in 20 years. But Gabby is so strong and your team is amazing!


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