Friday, February 10, 2012

Mermaid Half - The One Where I Make Goals

Run last night - 4 miles, attempted 2 easy, 2 @ goal pace (10:40). Actually did 10:47, 10:50, 10:12, 10:33. Yes, I own a Garmin. Yes, I used a Garmin. Yes, I suck at pacing.

Remember waaaaay back in May, I wanted to run a 2:20 at PCRF Half? And then I didn't?

And THEN I attempted again at Long Beach? And failed again?

Wanna guess my goal for Mermaid Half this weekend?

Hint: It rhymes with fwo:fwenty.

B Goal: PR. That would be anything better than 2:29:48.

C Goal: Don't Die.

Anyone else running Mermaid this weekend?

See you later today with Team Gab Week 4 Giveaway Winner!


  1. You can do eeeettttt!

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I always have A, B and C goals too and usually incorporate a don't die into one of them:)

  3. It's time. 2:20, you got this. Can't wait to hear all about it. Oh, and I checked out that course, lots of out and backs, huh? I like that, you can high five people on the out, when you are on the back.

  4. I believe in you! You can totally do it. I hope it is a super awesome and super great race for you. Have fun and kick butt! :)

  5. Ha, I suck at pacing too! I was just saying yesterdat that I tried to run slow and ran far faster than I meant, while staring at my Garmin, so silly! You can do 2:20!!

  6. You can do it! Above all have a great time.

    I just registered for the PCRF half and joined Team Gab.

  7. good luck!! and most of all HAVE FUN! :)

  8. I ran it last year - it's flat (except for some really small inclines on Fiesta Island). I was considering running the 10K but all events sold out two weeks ago! Instead it's garage sale day tomorrow (got a crapload of stuff to try to clear out)

  9. Um... no comment.

    I'll just say I'm NOT running this this weekend, and something tells me you are won't be either. ;)


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