Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. My azz hurts from the "Conditioning" class I took yesterday.
1a. I'm 97% sure "Conditioning" is code word for "You suck and need to be stronger so I will kick your ass until you are".
1b. I'm also 97% sure that the fact that my glutes hurt so much means... they need strengthening.
1c. Even with all the pain (ouch), I still can't bring myself to use the elevator to get to my 2nd floor office. Which makes me REALLY curious about people that work on the 2nd floor with me and use the elevator daily.

2. I forgot to bring a bowl with me today for my oatmeal, so I'm eating it out of a shaker cup. It's weird and awkward. Also, I just tried to take a bite, and apparently, shaker cups make it stay hot - REALLY hot - a LOT longer than bowls. Noted. Ouch.

3. I had very, VERY optimistic goals for my 10K this weekend. I'm a crazy person. I am re-evaluating those goals. I don't like to fail. I also considered dropping down to the 5K... because 10K is just such a sucky distance. Same strategy as a 5K - run hard, try not to puke - but twice as long. WHY?? WHY would I do that?? It doesn't sound like fun at.all.


Yeah. I can't imagine why I'm not faster...

Any 10K tips, since I'm googling "10K pace strategies" and psyching myself out?

I mean, besides "Don't puke".

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  1. 1a. Yes, agree.
    3. Yes, agree, the 10k distance sucks. But, you don't suck, so go after that PR.

  2. No 10k tips from me, I've only run 1 and it was when I was sick but good luck!! You are going to rock it! Your comment about the elevator makes me laugh, it never ceases to amaze me how many people take the elevator on our campus (completely medically based) for 1-2 floors. I have used the stairs when I had bronchitis, 2 days after the marathon, am sore from workouts etc. It really amazes me how few people take the stairs these days.

  3. Whatever you choose to do, you will do well! :D

    That is SO TRUE about the elevator. Sometimes I really wonder what the point is if you are only going up one level...

  4. Whatever you choose to do, you will do well! :D

    That is SO TRUE about the elevator. Sometimes I really wonder what the point is if you are only going up one level...

  5. So I am the random weird person who hearts the 10k. Not sure why I like it so much more than the 5k - maybe if I actually warmed up before a 5k I wouldn't feel the same way :)

    And my reason for using the stairs is not so noble - I have a ridiculous fear of elevators. Sucked when I worked on the 10th floor of a hospital, but I still took the stairs...

  6. I have zero strategy ideas for any race, so there you go.

    I work on the 3rd floor. Our sales team is on the second floor. I openly mock them when they take the elevator.

  7. Good luck with the 10K! You're going to do great!

  8. I have actually grown to like the 10k distance even though I don't run 10k races very often.

    My 10k advice: DON'T DIE :)

    Also, pace yourself. Start slower and aim for negative splits each mile, with some fartleks in the last 1-2 miles. You know me, I love fartleks and attribute all my PRs last year to them :)

  9. i just bought Bic bands! that's awesome that some of its going to pcrf!

    rock the 10K heather!!

  10. I love 10k distance
    I have done that one more than any other I think...

    dont die is the obvious one just like going left-right-left-right...oh you knew that is all about pacing...and being able to start just a little slower than you would for a 5k and neg splits.
    for me neg splits between the 1st and 2nd 5k of the race. that is how I try to run it, in 2 5ks and the first one has to be a little slower.
    go for it!
    10 not 5

  11. i love that you just made me LMAO right now...i really needed that:)

    go for the can do it for those of us that can't;)

  12. Cake, I need some now.
    Do the 10k! Start out easy and gradually build up to slghtly faster pace as you go. Then, it will be over and you won't puke. Right?

  13. Stairs all the way! I once worked in an office where the doors in the fire escape only opened on the ground floor. So the only way to get to the second floor was by elevator... or maybe with a super special key which I didn't have. Anyway, it was annoying!


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