Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. The good
I ran this morning, and it.was.glorious. The first mile literally flew by, and I really enjoyed it. It was only two miles, but I seriously felt like a whole new person when I was done.

2. The bad. 
Baby is still in the hospital. We are here through the weekend, hopefully leaving on Monday. And we're in a new room, shared with possibly the most obnoxious kid on the planet.

3. The ugly. 
I preface this by saying that I completely understand that the kid is having a rough time, and is scared, anxious, etc. I swear, I understand. Let me also note, that the parents have said, multiple times, that they're glad the steroids are over so the kid is back to normal. 
That said, this is the scene next to me. 
Kid is screeching. Kid screeches a LOT. Nurse brings her a piece of pizza from the nurse's lunch. Kid FLINGS THE PIZZA at her mother, and says, "Not fresh!!!". 
Mom grabs her purse and scurries down to the cafeteria to buy Fresh Pizza. Which Screechy doesn't eat. 

This, and the kid is back to normal. No worries, she's just spoiled, says her mom. What are you gonna do, says dad. 

True story. That happened. 


  1. Thankfully you noted that this is true..otherwise I would think it was a SNL skit or something. "Not fresh" what kid talks like that??
    I'm glad you ran.

  2. Oh.

    I get that this isn't a pleasant situation for the kid - but seriously maybe we are a little too spoiled if mom is going back down for more pizza after the first was tossed?? Yikes!! If that is normal what was said child like during the steroid phase? Eek!!

    Glad you had a great run. Never in my life would I have guessed that running could feel good, yet it is crazy how it does!

  3. Is it wrong to give a child in the hospital an ass whoopin'? Cuz that brat needs one!


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