Friday, January 28, 2011

All the cool kids are doing it....

Costuming, that is. For the Disney Princess Half. That's in less than 1 month.

So in LESS THAN 1 MONTH I will be a half-marathoner. Hopefully. Unless something goes terribly awry.

And have I mentioned how, in less than one month, I'll be at Disney World? The happiest place on earth? 'Cause I will.

Anyway, so everyone I know that is going, is costuming.

I (1) have not picked a costume, and (2) am on a spending hiatus for running gear. But I'm pretty sure I've roped my IBFF (Internet Best Friend Forever) into making me a skirt, to wear over my tights. Or shorts, if it's not cold (ha). Which leaves me with a top. And I have a plain white top I can wear, which is fine.

But I'm getting ambitious, and think I might just make a tech top with Baby's picture.

Crazy? Fun? Bizzarro? Weird? Creepy?

I designed this, first...

(only with a less crappy shot of that kid)

(reads, Every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. Every 10 minutes, someone dies.)

That seems a little intense. But it's true, and important.

Any ideas?

I'm a few days away from something fun, but not quite ready to post it. Next week, though... it's going to be rad. It's not a giveaway, entirely, but there will be stuff, given away... and hopefully I'll be separating some of you from your hard earned cash, for a good thing.

Happy Friday!


  1. Teehee. You're insane for wanting to run in a tutu. it's madness. but I really dig the Baby Tee idea!!!

  2. its a powerful shirt and very moving! i like it!


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