Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lists make me happy

1. I miscounted where we are in our current cycle - we are only on day 15 of The Steroid. 15 days left!
2. I went back to work yesterday, and it was lovely to "get back to normal" for a few hours.
3. I'm worried about Princess Half. With H not working, I hate taking away what limited resoures we'll have to play and be completely selfish.
4. Baby's hair has started falling out. She got pissed yesterday when some of it invaded her food.
5. I am O V E R the hospital and eating out constantly. Guh.
6. I have never been more excited to grocery shop than I am right now. And I'm not even doing it yet.
7. Baby is sleeping on me right now, and it's lovely. It really helps that she's currently asleep, because that's really the best way to experience her right now.
8. I got in two quick runs last week. I'm intending to start my training plan where I left off this week. Except I suddenly had zero motivation. That bums me out.
9. I ordered girl scout cookies. Yum.
10. I've got the best friends ever. Seriously.
11. Per the comments on my last post, sure does suck to find my perspective this way, but it's there nonetheless, and I'm grateful that I've found it.
12. I forgot to wash my mascara off last night, and didn't bring my makeup remover to the hospital with me. Things are about to get messy.
13. My commitment to running is really gonna have to step itself up here. I'm going to HAVE to make myself a morning runner to get the miles in. I love morning running, but have never loved it enough to drag myself out of bed an hour early. That will have to change. Or I can just expect to suck.
14. I bet kids in the hospital would sleep better if they didn't decide that 4am is a good time to draw blood.
15. I let Baby skip a bath last night because she told me, "No baths!". I'm soft sometimes.
16. Today, she must bathe, even if she says no with her quivery little lip.
17. It's actually a shower, there isn't even a tub in her bathroom. How that makes sense for a room assigned to 3-5yr olds is beyond me. She hates the shower.


  1. Girl Scout cookies ..... YES!!!

    Blood drawn at 4am?? Are you kidding me? We don't have enough waking hours in the day that we have to do it then? That's lame. Poor Baby. I feel so bad for her

    *I'm still secretly hoping you'll be at the Princess Half* *Either way I'll be sending you your little present, but it will be more fun for me to get to meet you there!* *BUT, once in a while I am compassinate, and your hesitation is 100% understandable!*

  2. I. Love. Girl. Scout. Cookies. With that said... I refuse to buy any or keep them in my house. I have a weakness for them and I'll honestly eat a whole box in one sitting.

    Like Fruitfly, I really hope that you make it out for the Princess half. If you need any help with park passes or anything, I'm happy to help.

    Otherwise... I might have to come out to San Diego in March for the Safari half after all :D

    Hoping Gabs gets to go home soon. Hugs to all of you!

  3. SO funny that we're all so pumped about GS cookies, but you's the little things! I know what you mean about the early morning business. I wasn't into it either until I figured out nothing was getting done unless I gets easy with time. I like your lists..


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