Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My motivation... she is gone.

I keep meaning to run. I collect all my things, and have them ready. I slept in my running tights the other day, thinking there was NO WAY I'd wake up and take them off without running.

And yet I did.

I meant to run Saturday morning, which is my hands down favorite time to run. Instead, I packed up #1 and ran errands, all day. I had virtually nothing in my house, and we seriously needed to restock. I did major grocery shopping the Saturday we went to the hospital (Baby in tow, because I thought she just needed to get out of the house. Oops.). All that produce, no good. Had to start fresh. Sigh.

I meant to run Sunday afternoon, my second favorite time to run. But by the time I got "motivated", it was too hot to run outside, and the Bravo TV schedule looked unappealing.

I meant to run yesterday morning, and didn't. Baby looked at me getting dressed, and notified me that it was still dark, and to go back to bed. So I did. Because, apparently, the 4 year old is the boss of me.

I meant to run last night, but left work late, traffic was bad, #1 started puking.

I meant to run this morning, but it was cold.

I meant to run. I really did. Every time I thought about it, it sounded fantastic.

Then it was actually time to run, and I talked myself out of it.

I've heard this from other runners, and I'm positive I've said it to, but you'll never regret running. You'll probably regret NOT running, but you'll never regret running. It's true. I feel sucktastic every time I skip a run.

But I keep skipping them! Over and over and over.

I mean. I'm still super psyched about running. I still read a jillion running blogs. I'm still stoked about the Princess Half. I just... can't make myself do it.


So, I guess I'm posting this for you all to see. Tonight? I run. 3 miles. It's on my plan, and I will do it. No whining. No excuses. No laziness. No guilt. Just shut up and run. That's it, and that's all.

And tomorrow, when I report back with how my time was sucktastic because I haven't run in 3 weeks, you can all remind me that it's my own stupid fault for not shutting up and running to begin with.


  1. You have so much going on, things will calm down (soon hopefully) and you will be back to running and being great. I hope you can get in a run tonight if any reason just to get out and get away and let your mind relax.

  2. I totally understand. I didnt run all weekend either, I did just get a 3 mile run and feel alot better!!! Let your mind relax; 3 miles wont take that long!!! I just think everyone has so many things going on right now. You will find your grove.

  3. I know exactly what you mean...I'm the same way with working my @#$% horse. But I know - and you know - that there's nothing like just doing it to help rekindle the flame!

  4. I will tell you whatever you want. So if you want to hear that it's OK, it is. And if you want to hear that you need to suck it up, well, that's true too. But, no matter what, I do promise you that you will feel great afterward ...

  5. I get like that too, I almost talked myself out of getting on the treadmill yesterday, I had all my gear on and everything. No matter how hard a run is, I never regret doing it!

  6. Hi;-)
    I found you through Team Marcia.

    I believe you ran 3 miles tonite;-)

  7. I've slept in my running clothes just knowing that obviously I'd get up and run in the morning. In actuality I have gotten up ONCE! That's it. Baby was right - it was dark. You needed to sleep. Heck, if anyone has earned sleep time it is you!

    But you'll run. You have to. You have a half marathon to run in a month and one day. OMG. CRAZY!!! :-) I have confidence that you'll run when you're ready and you'll be awesome, of course!


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