Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Baby's port was de-accessed yesterday. Good - she's not tied to an IV, and she no longer resembles Iron Man. Bad - if we don't get released today, she's gotta be re-accessed tomorrow, which involves needles, which always result in tears. Fingers crossed!

2. I am un.motivated. I mean, I don't know when I'd have TIME to run, I stay at the hospital alternating nights, and visit before and after when I'm not staying, so I'm already not sleeping, and I can't cut out work, so I'm not sure WHEN I'd run. But even thinking about it is uninteresting today. That makes me cranky. I'm SURE things will go back to "normal" after she gets released. Right?

3. Le Sigh. Ignore the lint that was tangled in... from one quick brush through :(.



I'm boring myself with the whiny blogs. Today it ends. Swear it.


  1. Luv ya woman! - Heather B

  2. Big hugs girl. I read your previous posts and my heart and prayers are with you and your little one.

  3. Big prayers for your little one and your family.

  4. Say this: This is hard. I am allowed to whine. I am also allowed to cry, complain and yell.

    Then repeat it.

    Because, seriously, you can't keep worry and fear and sadness bottled up and stay healthy or sane. Let it out. It's why people have blogs so use it!!

    And I'm sorry to see the hair. That sucks that she has to deal with that. At her age, how does she feel about it? Is she even going to bother with hats or things? Or just let it go?

  5. YES! Moderate Means is 100% correct. Whine away...roll around in it like a dog. I have the therapy bills to prove that being tough and soldering through it doesn't work very well.


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