Friday, January 21, 2011

Hella Happy Friday

Baby was released yesterday, and is home, and as happy as can be. At least, I *think* she's happy. It's tough saying. The Steroid makes her moods alternate between quietly simmering and completely exploding.

We were on our own for her meds last night, and it was fine, after reviewing, and re-checking, and re-verifying her schedule. It's a lot to remember - three of them are morning AND night, one is morning and night, but only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, one is 4 hours before she goes for a treatment... I'm not the most organized mom around - under good circumstances, I manage to get people clothed, and fed, and out to school, and sometimes even bathed. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to keep track of this madness. I see a spreadsheet and calendar in my near future.

I am done waffling, and will just say it. I'm going to Disney World, in 1 month and 4 days. I will probably skip the park-going, which is a bummer, but... I get to run through the Castle, and EPCOT, and that will do for now :D. AND, I'm really stoked that A is coming with B from 50halfmarathonsin50states. I love that kid.

Running. What's that?

I plan on a few miles tomorrow morning, and then starting a new week Monday, as usual. TMB worked out some modifications to my training plan with me, and I trust her judgement. And I normally don't trust people, but she seems to know what she's talking about. :D

Tomorrow is Farmer's Market Saturday - hooray! I'm pretty psyched to get back to eating normally, and cooking, and not feeling greasy all the time.

Finally... here's a video, taken before The Steroid took away her soul made her cranky all the time... It still cracks me up. All fun and games until someone falls off the bed.


  1. I just did a happy dance!! You're going to Disney World!! YAY!!

    But even better - what a relief to be home! You might end up the most organized person you know after all of those medications and that crazy schedule. Good luck!

  2. Yeah! I'm glad your baby is home and that you are going to get away and get some sun, some run, and some girl time.

  3. YEAH! I'm so glad you're going and I'm really glad you're HOME! Good luck with the schedule. I'd be worried about that too. You need a "dinger". That's what I call my e-mail thingy that dings me when something needs doing. :)

  4. I am so flippin' excited for Disney!

    Yay to Gabs being at home!!

  5. I just read your comment on my giveaway and I just want to say that you are in my thoughts. I'm so glad your daughter is back home from the hospital and that you'll get to enjoy Disney.

    Thanks for coming by and I'll be following along on your journey.

  6. I'm so happy Gabs is home! All good thoughts continuing your way. Yay for disney!

  7. thank goodness she is home! SHe is just adorable. Hope you all are able to get some rest.


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