Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogger's Block

I'm totally stealing this phrase from Little Fruit Fly. I've got a lot to say, and no creative way to say it.

First, people have not only liked the shirt idea from my last post, but some have requested a shirt of their own.

And I love that.

I have to do some more research on what exactly I want it to look like, where to buy from (any suggestions??), etc., but need to order this week to have for the Princess Half - if anyone is interested, shoot me an email at hmgiraffy at gmail dot com so I can have a quick count of how many to order.

Second, I was super psyched out about the 10 miles I was scheduled to run this weekend. I'm really glad I live somewhere with great bike paths. Literally across my street, there's a bike path that goes for... miles. It's called Mountain to the Sea, or something, and its true.

The plan was to just go, 5 miles, and turn around. Somehow even when I'm running the 405 manages to wreck my life, because my GPS failed somewhere around there, and I didn't realize for about 10 minutes that I remained at 3.5 miles regardless of how far I'd gone. Doh!

I definitely didn't want to fall short of my 10 miles, so I kept going, even after I saw this in a church parking lot....


Fearless, right?

It was kind of a pretty trail, in parts.. if you're into that "homeless den, petri-dish water" look.


At each intersection, there's a choice to take the flat path across the road, or a path under the road. I purposely ran the hills most of the time... I know about that hill at the Ticket and Transportation Center!


Every time I ran under one, I was reallllly hoping The Big One wouldn't hit right now... especially at the end, there was no way I'd be sprinting fast enough through there.

TNT obviously does some training out here as well, 'cause at the end of my run, I saw this and kicked up my pace... Soooo close to the end!


...but apparently they run the opposite loop

No thanks.

Finished in 2:04, which is pretty exciting, 'cause after I got home and mapped my run, I'd churned out 10.9 miles. Sweet!

And, it was awesome. It was hard, but never overwhelmingly so. I ran sans music, I ran wthout knowing my pace, and it was GREAT. I seriously felt like I could have kept going. I'm a little achy today - ice on the hips, and compression socks - I feel like a 70 year old woman.

But I am SO READY for the half.


  1. That sounds so fabulous!!

    .... I told you "blogger's block" would be sweeping the nation. You can say you were a part of it at the very beginning! ;-)

    And I also think about that hill at Disney, too!

    Congratulations - you sound like you're going to be more than ready for the Princess!!

  2. AWESOME!!! Way to rock the hills, mama.

  3. Nice long run! I can only about any path around here leading to a sea of any kind. River? Maybe. Sea? Nada.

  4. re: shirts...I had some done a couple years ago by Vistaprint and I was quite pleased with the results, and the cost was quite reasonable for full-color printing, IMO. Two downsides: 1. they are S-L-O-W (standard is 3 weeks) unless you pay through the nose for expedited processing, and 2. they don't have pink shirts, only white, gray and black.

  5. i think you can get shirts made by ask TMB@ racing with babes or EMZ @ If I can't convince you, I'll at least confuse you - they have made shirts!


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