Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suck It Up, Buttercup Virtual Race Report

Michelle at Baby Weight My Fat Ass organized the PERFECT race for my mood lately...


Driving home yesterday, it was... this...


It's a tough life we lead here in SoCal. If it makes you feel better, check out that traffic I enjoy twice a day.

So perfect running outside weather! I like to run outside (shocker!), but it's tough for me - my area is super safe, but NOT super well lit, and during the week I would be stuck running in the dark... which I try to avoid. But I just couldn't turn down a 70* run.

I geared up, grabbed a (surprise! LEAKY!) waterbottle, and headed out.

Apparently, really S L O W. I wasn't watching my pace, at ALL. I was just... going slow. I went fast (for me) the night before, and just wanted to go easy.

I did a half loop through my neighborhood. I love that it's a pre-made 5K just for me :D

There was some serious wind that I was running into the first mile or so, that I thought would be at my back on the way in, but... it wasn't. Wind is seriously my least favorite element. Add in some rolling hills on the last mile, and kids, you've got yourself a work out. My bum is sore today!



See? I told you it was slow. SOMEHOW, it was slower than when I ran/walked Corona del Mar in June! Whatever. I thought I would die then, and I felt rad this time.

Final time: 38:04.

The H made some barbecue beef nonsense for dinner, but I can never eat serious food after I run (or before, so this really works out well for dieting), so I ended the night with a bowl full of roasted veg.


Mmmmm. Cauliflower...


  1. Good for you! See now I'd me a melted puddle of goo if I ran in those temps.
    Add some protein in with that cauliflower girl!

  2. Hells bells! Who WOULDN'T run slow when it's that ding-danged nice out?

  3. Woo hoo - you were able to run again!!
    I agree, wind SUCKS!! As if running isn't a work out enough, the wind just comes along and makes it that much harder. Poo to that!


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