Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy CRAP that felt good.



Now that I've proven to myself that I can, in fact, wake up at tooeffingearly o'clock, I suppose I could make use of that time to do the cross training I yapped about staring here... The getting up early isn't what bothers me, so much as the "cold". And by "cold", I mean, it's like in the 50's at 5:30am. Brrr.

Baby update:
She has a chemo treatment today. She has to go to what the hospital calls "The Infusion Center". It sounds so dramatic. But really? Since she has the port, it's just a quick teeny poke, and done. Plus, we have some fantastic numbing cream, so she doesn't even really feel it (true story, I tested it). Next week is another lumbar, and that's the one that always gets to me :(.

Anyway. Have I mentioned this steroid that makes her scary beyond all reason? It also, apparently, makes her extremely kooky. Last night, she was flipping out because I turned a light on. I mean, it was dark, and I don't like to sit around in the dark, so it seemed reasonable. Oh but it was not. Awhile later, this happens:


Mmhmm. Too dark to not have the light on, but - apparently - the light was TOO MUCH for her. And, check.out.that.gut. Sheesh. That kid is gonna explode in the next 6 days (not that I'm counting down).

Oh, and, I also have 2 other kids. Both of whom are really pretty healthy - we haven't had a flu or puking incident in YEARS. Until this weekend, when we bring home the kid with no immune system, at all.... and both kids decide to suddenly run super high fevers (#2) and start puking (#1). Thankfully both are now better, so it was a quick bug, but... Oy. Timing, man. Timing.



I've always been one to be really proud of the fact that I am independent. I take care of myself (well, we take care of ourselves). I don't like to ask for help - I'd rather figure out a solution on my own.

I've literally been overwhelmed with the KINDNESS of people the last 3 weeks. People I don't even know, really. People I chat with online. My virtual-then-real-life friends.

I'm touched, beyond words, that someone would do this for me... Running off for a Cause. While I spent yesterday morning (while I was up early NOT running) complaining and wallowing about how lazy I am, Marcia was... doing that. It's humbling, and inspirational. I've cried exactly 4 times since this started - once when we got the diagnosis, once at her second lumbar (I didn't cry the first time, 'cause people were around. That's how I am.), once when Becka did something unbelievably generous for me, and yesterday, when I read that post.

I'm thankful, for all the kind words, all the prayers, all the thoughts. I don't even have words to describe it.

Photobucket Photobucket

ps. holy crap, eyebrow waxing and frizzy hair. It's like I didn't even look in the mirror this morning. Yikes.


  1. Thanks for mentioning what Running Off for a Cause is doing, I'm linking in my blog!

  2. Yay for the run! Here's to ALL the sick kiddos being better soon.

  3. Way to go running! That belly pic is priceless.

  4. OH, I forgot..50's are break out the shorts and t-shirt weather! : )

  5. She really looks adorable in those sunglasses. I just always love a cute kid sporting some shades!

    I'm glad to have learned about the Running Off For a Cause! You know this girl will do what she can to help out! :)

  6. Found you through Marcia! I'm so sorry for your family. You sound like a rock, though. I'll be pulling for you!

  7. I also found you through Marcia - I'm keep you and your family in my thoughts!


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