Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ummmm. Hi.


So, I'm still funkish.

I've had a couple of really good runs...

1. Newport Back Bay with Snork and K, my PCRF friend Jordan's girlfriend. 10 super easy pace miles a week ago last Saturday (so long ago!). Followed by 6 miles on the treadmill for 16 - it was FINE.
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2. Then, a few days later, I ran 8 miles with 4x1600, goal pace 9:05. Actual splits 9:05, 9:01, 8:53, 8:40. <-- I KNOW.

3. Thursday night, I ran 18 miles, easy pace, after work. Not ideal, but we were leaving soon after work Friday for our weekend road trip, so I needed to get this done. 

4. Saturday morning, Rose met me at our hotel at 6am for 6 easy miles. She's the best running friend ever. Great run, we stopped to pet a horse (pony?), hiked up a giant hill, and ran back to my hotel. I don't get to see her often, so this was rad. 

So. Yeah. I don't know. The runs have been good. But I skipped one last week. I should be running tonight, but I didn't, and I'm saying it's because I'm tired from the weekend. It throws off my schedule for this week, but I'll figure it out.

Modified PFTW: 
Wednesday: 9 miles, Yasso 800's <- gross.
Thursday? Friday?: 9 miles easy
Saturday: CDM 5k
Sunday: 22 miles

I'm just kind of over it, I think. The running is fine, I feel fine, I just don't feel like doing it. Super lame. Bah. Just 25 days left, I guess, then I can be as laaaazy as I want. For awhile.

Backtracking, part 1 - last weekend (last LAST weekend, before Memorial Day), #2 participated in the local Junior Games - like a giant, districtwide field day. #2's events were some ball toss and..... the 800!


This is a for real screenshot from my phone.
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I didn't even know that was a thing. 

I don't know anything about the throwing stuff, except that she got a ribbon, and seemed to have good form? I don't know. 

Her 800 event was in the middle of the day - 1 pm - and she was tired, hot, cranky, and not well hydrated. But, she came in about 5th overall.

Backtracking, part 2. Big Sur is freaking beautiful. San Francisco is HILLY.






Backtracking, part 3. Remember how, last year, Gabby was bald? And then, in grew all these beautiful golden brown curls?

I guess she didn't like them....
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  1. Good job on the running- I usually feel ready for a taper way before it's actually taper time. It's okay to skip a day, don't get overly obsessed by your mileage plans for the week. Your body won't remember a skipped run on race day. It will be thanking you.

    Love the screen shot, but I haven't experienced that yet, and I take my iphone to the sauna! Maybe my phone is heat-trained.

    I envy your runs near the ocean, on the beach, etc. That is the one thing about living in Colorado- never can get enough of that.

  2. Loads of running and doing it in beautiful places!

    Did Gabby do that to herself?!

    It has been hot and steamy here too, but well, that's Maryland in the summer. I like to think it makes me stronger for fall.

  3. Holy hot running batman. That is just ridiculous. If it was that hot, I would just get someone to wheel me around in a wheelbarrow. That counts, right?

    But seriously...awesome work!! You are kicking so much ass!!!

  4. oh yes-i think i tweeted you about the phone-it happens often down south. i have to keep my phone covered-especially when i go to the pool. i hear ya on the running-i bet after the marathon you will feel better. and, can’t believe gabby cut it that short!!!

  5. This is like a post of everything!

    Yeah, I think you are in the "end of training cycle I am so over this long running shit." Happens. You'll snap out of it - probably in during your taper and you'll start missing it! Ha!

  6. 8:40 !!!

    Oh Gabby... :-)

    OMG speaking of, I am right now staring at the biggest mullet this side of the Mississippi!! It's gone, dang, no time to get a picture.

    ANYWAY - your running is awesome. You'll be awesome in Seattle. All things shall be awesome. Maybe you can take a nice, long nap on the plane!

  7. I hate to say it, but Gabby is ROCKING that haircut. She looks freaking adorable.
    And your flower pictures are amazeballs!! And I'm glad you and Rose found an equine friend on your run :).


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