Thursday, May 17, 2012



I met Pam, Margot and SR to eat all the things at Souplantation last night.
Stolen from SR who borrowed it from Pam
I know this is a super dorky thing to say, but it's nice having friends. In general, I'm kind of a private, shy person, so being friendly enough to actually maintain friends doesn't come super naturally to me. Thanks, for putting up with my weirdness, ladies.

I didn't really realize it until this weekend, but SEATTLE IS REALLY, REALLY SOON. 37 days. Holy crap.

RunDisney announced their new Marathon course today. See it here....

I'm kind of indifferent to the changes - I'm not into car racing stuff, and the WWS is fine. I am DYING to know what the mile 20 surprise is, and SUPER SUPER stoked that the finish through EPCOT stays the same.

Not that I'm counting, but... 56 days until Gab's Make a Wish trip :D


  1. That is super awesome about Gabby's trip...I bet she is just thrilled beyond belief!!! It is getting to be so soon!

  2. You are going to kill it on your first marathon!! So excited for you, that crossing of the finish line is like nothing else, chills thinking about it. ; )

  3. Since we talked about all gross things goatse and Rose's gag reflex tricks I feel it is okay - and odd enough - for me to say this ... your boobs look fabulous in that outfit! ;) That's what friends are for, right??

    OMG Seattle IS soon. It keeps feeling far away - and now that Portland is over Seattle is my next race. That's crazy!


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