Friday, May 18, 2012

Fair point well made

1. I haven't read the 50 Shades books. They sound dreadful. I already made it through Twilight, so I think I've reached the end of my YA reading bonanza. Also, I heard that it was even MORE poorly written than Twilight, and I don't know that my brain can take it.

2. But I have read all of 50 Shades of Suck. Hilarity.

3. I don't really "get" tumblr.

4. I am 194% in a running funk.

5. I haven't had a good run since PCRF. Every one has felt REALLY hard, and the paces don't reflect the effort I've felt I'm putting in.

6. I was supposed to run 8 miles last night. I ran 4 with Snork.

7. Those 4 included 6x400 at a slower pace than I did the 20x400 a few weeks ago. And it felt eleventy million times harder.

8. And then I stopped. 4 < 8.

9. I'm hoping this is still recovery? I don't even know. My legs need to just cut that nonsense out. This is an excessive recovery period. Play time is over, legs.

10. I'm hoping running back bay this weekend with Snork (and maaaaybe a new running friend!) will pull me out of The Funk.

11. I zipped my hair in my hoodie this morning.

12. Related, I'm waaaaaay overdue for a haircut.

13. We're road tripping up the central coast over the memorial day weekend. OC -> SLO -> Big Sur -> Monterey -> San Fran. Any tips or must-see's?

14. It's Becka's birthday! Go say happy birthday to her.

15. I remembered that I forgot to cover the great post-PCRF Half expo! We enjoyed it last year (check out her super bald head here), but Gab was still kind of bleh. Chemo does that. She really, REALLY loved it this year.

16.  Throughout the morning, people kept telling me they were at the Team Gabby tent. And I kept saying, I don't have a tent. I suck, and didn't set one up.

Imagine my shock when I walk by a tent and see a crowd of people with this on their shirt.....

 Team Gabby part TWO! 
I know it's GIANT, but I love this picture, so giant it stays.
THIS Team Gabby raised over $2,300 for PCRF! I was super bummed that I didn't realize they were there until almost the end of the event. And that, you know, I didn't listen to all the people who said there was a Team Gabby tent.... I swear I'll be a better team captain next year. Not trying to PR will help...

17. And, looks like Team Gab is closing out this fundraising season just shy of $7grand. Right now we're at $6,984 after my corporate matching gifts go through. (PS, anyone in for $16?? Click HERE to donate!)

18. Aaaaand, I waaaaay undershot what the event overall brought in. I can't remember where I saw the $288K number, but... it's way short. Looks like it raised over $662,000 for pediatric cancer research. That's pretty rad.


  1. Your road trip is going to be awesome. And slow, because people drive the 1 WAY too slow.

    Also, you're going to drive by the house where I was born!,+ca&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x809299b60152b7f7:0x40cf171e43ff31c,Gorda,+CA&gl=us&ei=g5i2T5LXMseViQKd8I3RBg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=2&ved=0CBkQ8gEwAQ

  2. Love 50 Shades of Suck, so funny!
    I finally got my haircut last night. That was a long time coming.
    Am totally in a bit of a running funk right now, but am enjoying every lazy moment.

  3. your hair is long! i saw those pics. But its gorgeous. So happy about the fundraising. only $16 to match it?! WOW!

  4. Please tell me you're joking about letting Twilight set the standard in your mind for YA fiction. :( There is SO much better out there.

  5. I watched the Twilight movie and thought, "Okay, maybe the book is better", so I'm glad I don't have to read it and find out! thanks!

  6. That tent is cool! And fundraising- WOW! Great job! Sounds to me like you need a little break from running to rest the body. Not a long one, but you really should take a few days off and maybe have a week where you only do 25-50% of what you normally do. Your body will thank you for it.

  7. You know? I have also been feeling like PCRF was the longest half marathon recovery ever. And I'm running Menifee tomorrow. Not sure how it's going to go (nevermind that they are kind of asshats for having it start at 8am in the IE. A little late with the heat).

  8. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is on the way between Monterey and the kids like rides and the beach? Then it! In SF... Fishermans Wharf has all the touristy stuff (like Ripleys, an aquarium, the musee mechanique, crabs...) ...and the Maritime Museum is way cool if your kids are at all into WW2 ships or old timey ships. The ferry to Alcatraz is very cool...but I think it's kind of pricey. Walk or drive over the Golden Gate Bridge for sure! Lots of really great paths and playgrounds in Golden Gate Park to just run around in. And Chinatown. Cable car rides!

  9. And that 50 Shades of Suck just cracked me UP!!!

  10. How cool is that team and their shirts???? Way to go with the fundraising.

    Not going to even try the Grey books, I dont think you can top Judith Krantz for that type of book (wink wink)

  11. I HATE zipping my hair.
    And I have no clue what tumblr is. I only knew how to spell it because I scrolled back up to see how you spelled it!


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