Friday, May 4, 2012

Thanks, Cancer.

There are a lot of things that really suck. Pediatric cancer is one of the biggest.

Take a minute and read this post from Tuesday. It's important.

These are not statistics drummed up by a special interest group. This is Gabby's real, every day life. Our life.

On Sunday, I'll be running my 7th half marathon, with 20 friends, all on Team Gab, all to fight pediatric cancer.

There are better, easier, more effective cures out there. I support PCRF, and their commitment to funding those cures. You can help. 80% of your donation goes directly to funding research and cures. It goes to those projects IMMEDIATELY. The money you donate today will be helping children tomorrow.

Cancer has done a lot of super shitty things - it turned my youngest child into a pincushion; it wreaked havoc on my older kids' routines and grades (for a trimester, no worries, all is well now); it cut our income in half; it completely changed Gabby's personality.

It's taken away opportunities.

It's introduced a world of uncertainty.

There are choices, every day, that we make, determining how we handle these things.

It's easy to be pissed. It's easy to be sad. It's easy to take it sitting down.

If I wanted things to be easy... well. I guess I wouldn't be a runner.

I choose to focus on things I can change.

I choose to show my children cancer is not the boss of us.

The changes that I fight for - better treatments, better cure rates, more alternatives - these are not things that we will benefit from. Gabby's treatment is what it is. But for the kids following her, I want better.

Cancer has shown my family what hope looks like. It's brought us closer than we were; probably closer than we would be now without it. It's strengthened me as a mother, a person. It's introduced me to amazing people. It's bonded me to great friends.

Most importantly - MOST IMPORTANTLY - it's been a catalyst.

So, yeah. It's not often that I'd think to say this.

But, thanks, Cancer. As much as you've jacked things up, you've given us so much more.

So take that.


Yeah, it's race weekend.

I ran a pretty strong tempo on Tuesday, and nailed my goal paces, and felt strong. So....

Goal A: dun dun DUN. 2:10:59. Ambitious.

Goal B: 2:14:59

Goal C: PR (2:28), and don't die.

Weather so far looks pretty ideal - overcast and 55-60*. Last year The Sun was my undoing, so fingers crossed, this forecast sticks.

If I don't PR, I might cry.

That's a lie, I will definitely cry, and I will probably quit running forEVER.

Anyway. I'll be in a BRIGHT ORANGE PCRF shirt (VIP Runner on the back!) and gunmetal Team Sparkle Skirt - say hi!

Last request, for now....

Click HERE to donate to Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Help kick cancer in the face.


  1. You are going to have a great race this weekend!

  2. Really, you must PR this race. Get it done.

  3. PR is yours. I hear sparkles make you fast. I'll already be done racing Sunday when you start!

  4. Good luck with the PR. I am sure you are gonna kick this race in the butt!

  5. I expect a blur of gunmetal sparkles to blow past me at some point. You're going to be SO fast. I can feel it.

  6. Good luck Heather!! You're going to do great and I hope to be able to join Team Gab for a race in the very near future!!

  7. Great post Heather! Kick butt on that run. I hope you get a huge PR! Go tear it up!

  8. Go and get it done!!! Your post had me tearing up! You are a strong mom and a strong runner.

  9. Awesome post, I love it. You and your daughter are such an inspiration. Good luck for the Half!

  10. Good luck! You will get that PR for sure! Can't wait to read the recap ;)

  11. Gabby is awesome and you are such a positive influence on our blogosphere.

    And you will PR, easy peasy.

    I am trying to figure out a plan of attack for that wonky course elevation. Not sure a positive slit is avoidable, but how to handle it the best way is the question. Shoot for even, or just accept the positive split, go out goal pace, and hang on for the last 6 miles.

  12. Lovely post! And now that I'm getting even closer to that C word I am starting to experience what you talked about with the way it actually brings you closer.

    I really hope some day they do find a good cure for it. And in the mean time I am so thrilled every time you post a picture of that most adorable little girl by the name of Gabby!! Her smiles always make my heart smile!

  13. Found you from Cely's... wow. This post has me in tears. How heartbreaking. How inspiring. How lucky your family is to have you, and you to have them :) Best of luck!


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