Friday, June 1, 2012

I think running makes me crazy

aka, I had a great run last night, and now all I want to do is run run run run run.

Sooooo. Yasso 800's. 10x800, 400 RI. Goal pace, 9:20 (or 4:40 800s).

If you don't know what Yasso 800's are, here's a fancy link that describes it. Essentially, in theory, the pace you can run ten 800's in, consecutively, is roughly the time you can run a marathon in - except in hh:mm, not mm:ss. So, mine are geared towards a 4:40 marathon finish. (I don't know that this is actually my goal, but let's pretend).

Anyway, goal was 4:40. Actual: 4:37, 4:31, 4:31, 4:35, 4:35, 4:28, 4:26, 4:30, 4:30, 4:21.


Under almost every other circumstance, I pretty much hate 800's. I also hate 1600's, and 200's. I basically dislike anything that's not a 400.

But last night, like effing MAGIC, I wanted to keep doing them. They didn't suck, they didn't feel hard. And, because I'm math challenged, I accidentally ran an extra mile in my warm up/cool down (PSA, 7.5 + 2.5 =/= 9).



Margot has a really interesting post up, about confidence, dreaming big, and how awesome you ARE vs how awesome you THINK you are. Check it out HERE.


This weekend will be my third running of the Corona del Mar Scenic 5K. It was the first race I did, before I even really started running, back in 2010. Snork and I "trained" super hard (as in, we jog/walked the course a few times, and spent hours yapping while leisurely walking on the treadmill, and fascinated by all the weight we didn't lose). In 2010, my time was 37:xx, and I WAS STOKED. In 2011, I had basically taken a month off of running after PCRF with some ankle funk, and PR'ed with 33:05.

This year, I'm (hopefully?!) pacing Snork to a sub-30 PR. My current PR is 30:54 (I think?), and that was set back in October or November. Snork's current PR is 33:XX, BUT Snork's sneaky fast, so I have some vague secret goals that I'll keep in mind. I think it'll be a day of shiny new PR's, sparkly skirts, and delicious food <-- gourmet food tent for finishers, draw #1 for this race.

I had some vague notions to try to really PR there, but it's a tough course, and I'd rather try a PR on something more conducive to, you know, PRing. Plus, it'll be way more fun to run with a friend.

Anyway, if you're there (but I don't think anyone I know is running?), I'll be the one in sparkles.

Goal A: Sub-30
Goal B: PR
Goal C: Don't puke 


  1. You are going to FLY through that race this weekend!!! WAHOO!!!!! You are kickass!!!

  2. Those are some ass-kickin' 800s you put up! Good for you!

  3. I may have to try some of these 800s.

    You are kicking ASS.

  4. Nice! It always feels SO damn good to see progress. You are rocking it!

    Good luck this weekend!

  5. I think everyone's C goal in a 5K is "don't puke" because I swear it's always a realistic outcome.

    But sub 30 is totally happening. Get 'er done!

  6. You are seriously killing your training! Great job on the 800's!! Good luck this weekend. I think the PR is in the bag. Have fun! :)

  7. hmm…i’m thinking that the ease of those 800s means you will be super fast this weekend. and even surprise yourself in the marathon. :)

  8. I ran the Corona Scenic 5k many years back. Beautiful race. I don't do 5k's anymore, since they're no trail 5k's (plus 5ker's are just too dang fast for me). You have guts to run those. Good luck! I bet you do great with all your speed training. Awesome job!

  9. Ok, now that you point out the simple math of the 800 and predicting marathon times, I have to try it! That is about the only type of math I could pull off with runner's brain.

  10. NO PUKING!!!

    And thank you - I've never known or thought to ask what Yasso 800s are! I've heard people say it, and I saw ol' Yasso himself at an expo - but this is the first I've heard WHAT his 800s are!


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