Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday!

1. Team Gab is the grateful recipient of a $250 grant by the Operation Jack Autism Foundation! Operation Jack caught my eye shortly after I started running in October 2010. If you're not familiar with OJ and Sam, this is their deal - Sam is a father of three kids, including Jack, who is severely autistic. Sam ran 61 marathons in 2010 to raise awareness for Train 4 Autism. He's also super, super fast. So, you know. Basically SuperMan.

I've participated in a few of OJ's local events - volunteering at the OJ Marathon in 2010 and 2011, and running the 6 Hour Challenge back in October.

Part of my the deal in receiving the grant, was writing a guest post for the Operation Jack blog - another opportunity to yap about running, AND get more money for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation? YES PLEASE. Click HERE and check it out!

You can follow Sam on Twitter here.

2. Recovery week is going swimmingly. As in, I've done nothing active, and eaten everything. Including Sushi last night.
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I actually took an extra rest day on purpose - my right hip started bugging me during my first leg of Ragnar, and continued the rest of the weekend, but then stopped. And then came back around mile 10 of PCRF. That race kicked my ass. Running "fast" is so hard.

3. Today is #2's birthday! She's kind of planned herself a Weekend Birthday Extravaganza, complete with an itinerary for us to follow.
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She's lucky she's adorable.


  1. Number one is just fantastic! I'm so glad.

    Recovery weeks should be about eating and relaxing--you're doing it all right.

  2. I. Want. That. Sweatshirt.
    Happy birthday, #2!!

  3. How exciting to receive that grant. It's neat how non profits can support each other. Very cool.

    My hips have been bugging me since my halfs this past weekend too. Nothing like brand new pain to figure out.

  4. loved reading about you and PCRF. #2 sounds like me. i’m happy to celebrate my birthday all month. :)

  5. Happy bday to your #2!

    Annnd congrats on your huge PR on Sunday.

    My recovery week is going well because I've just been enjoying having extra time from not exercising + eating tons of food.

  6. wow, 61 marathons in a year?? Superman indeed!

    My hip has been bugging me too, I feel your pain.

    Enjoy the birthday/Mother's Day weekend!!

  7. Yeah congrats on the OJ grant, that's great. I know Sam and he is amazing, so inspiring, super nice and darn fast!

  8. As sly as she is ... I freaking adore #2!!

    I think an itinerary is brilliant!


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