Monday, May 14, 2012

Neon glitter, all the kids ever, and running. PFTW

Last week....
Tuesday: skipped my run. Hip was being buggy. <-- apparently I'm old. Hip issues. WTF.
Thursday: also skipped my run. #2's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza began. Also, I wrote a guest post for Operation Jack, and why I'm a charity runner! Read it HERE.
Saturday: 10 miles, easy pace. I really, really didn't want to run - I was tired (see below), I ate nothing but junk for daaaaays. I almost didn't run. And then I did, and it was fine. I'm such a whiny baby sometimes.
Sunday: 4 miles, trails, easy pace. See below, also.

This week....
Not sure. I'm busy keeping the schedule maker on her toes. (Sorry, L).


#2's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza began Thursday, with cake, and ice cream, and family.

Friday, after school, she brought home every class mate ever. That might be an exaggeration. Maybe 7. But, in a pretty tiny apartment, with 5 people already occupying space, 7 is A LOT.

Then 2 more came over for pizza, truth or dare, and ice cream cake (#2 requested coffee ice cream cake (?!), and I didn't want to spend a billion dollars, so I made one. Turns out, SUPER easy. I'm going to make ice cream cakes all the time now).

Then 3 of them left, and the rest spent the night, in our living room fort.
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If you've solved the word problem, that's six 10-11 year old girls. Plus my 13 and 5 year olds.

Hence the tired Saturday.
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Chaos. CHAOS.

After most of the kids were picked up, we took #2 and one of her friends shopping.

Justice is the worst place ever on the planet ever. Ever. There is SO much neon. And glitter. That place makes me so twitchy.


Sunday, Mother's Day, I spent the entire morning and early afternoon planted in my Poang chair, watching documentaries. It was pretty glorious.

Then, late afternoon, The H and I met Snork and her friend for a short trail run in Crystal Cove. There's an XTERRA trail run there in the winter that I've been eyeing for a few years, and now that Snork realizes running is magical, she's all froggy to do it.

So, we ran the course - El Moro Canyon -> East Cut Across (terrible) -> El Moro Ridge -> BFI. It's been at least a year (or two?) since we've hiked here, and I don't even know why - it's hands down my favorite place in SoCal.

Oh, right. The $15 parking. Riiiiiight.

Anyway, the run was glorious. The hike up the hill was hard (obvs I need to work on this...), but the running parts were rad.

The scenery doesn't suck either


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  1. Beautiful. Too bad about that parking charge.

    You are a brave woman to take on all that birthday mayhem!

  2. Major extra Mommy points for that sleep over, massively cool of you.

    I LOVE El Moro, it is my favorite place ever! I just ran a 25k there on Satruday, my race report will be up later today, working on it. You can park for free at RidgePark, up at the top of No Dogs where that sports park is. Tons of free street parking and you start up on the ridge line so you can easily avoid the massive climbs if you want. I can send you a map link to the free parking if you want.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about that slumber party. We've had the poang chairs for about 7 years, and they are the best furniture purchase. Somehow they are indestructible. And that is a gorgeous run you took on Mother's Day!

  4. I am so proud of you for surviving all the chaos if 1,000 little girls in your house. I guess I can only imagine that that many girls of that age would feel like 1,000. You definitely deserved your Mother's Day documentaries!


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