Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plan for the week!

Last week...

Tuesday, 6 mile tempo
Wednesday, yoga
Sunday, PCRF half

I kind of take taper to the extreme.

This week...
Tuesday, 6 easy
Thursday, 6, maybe some intervals
Saturday, 10 easy
Sunday, 4 easy

Name of the game is... Easy. I'm feeling kind of beat up.

I'll have a full recap for the half later. But, for now. I kinda PR'ed. My previous pr was Long Beach last October, 2:29.


  1. You killed it! Wow. All that training is paying off. Watch out full marathon, Giraffy is gonna getcha.

  2. Pretty awesome!!!!!! Nice PR, lady :)

  3. That's a crazy PR, G! So happy for you and Team Gab. So impressed and moved by the $$ you've raised. Look ing forward to the recap.

  4. WOW!!! Congrats on a big PR!! Soon you'll be under 2 hours!! Yay!!

  5. Awesome job!!! Way to go!!

  6. That is a huge PR, congratulations!!!

  7. AWESOME time. You're rad. I was a little sad after I lost the gunmetal skirt and never saw it again till the finish line. :D

  8. i love it-“kinda”PR’d. you killed it! congrats! enjoy your”easy” week-it doesn’t look so easy to me...

  9. KIND OF PR'd. Uh huh - just kind of. Like barly. Only by EIGHTEEN freaking MINUTES!!!

    You're the raddest. And this is why I TRY to listen to you. No - it is why I DO listen to you and then TRY to act on it and do what you say!

    I'm excited to check out the report!!


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