Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Friday....

Run last night - scheduled for 1 mi warm up, 3x1600 at 9:21, 800 RI, 1 mi cool. Actual: 1 mi 11:10, 3x1600 at 9:17, 9:14, 9:10. Bailed on my cool down mile, people were in line for the treadmills. I hate 1600's. They've officially surpassed 800's as my least favorite speedwork.

Today at NOON Pacific/3pm EST is the deadline to donate and enter the Team Gab Virtual Race and be included in today's giveaway! Can't enter today? No worries - drawings will be held every Friday until all prizes are gone. Click HERE to enter!

So far, we have raised....

are you ready....

That puts Team Gab in 3rd place overall (not that it's a race....) (that's a lie, of COURSE it's a race).
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2nd place is only $101 ahead of Team Gab. I'm sure we can take them...


I spent a fair chunk of yesterday perusing alllll the links Wasatch and Beyond posted as an Oly trials post-mortem. I was talking to Fruit Fly yesterday, and I decided I would rather have come in dead last place, than 4th place.
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That has GOT TO SUCK hard. He was so close, and Abdi was clearly struggling. Man.

WOULD YOU RATHER... 4th place vs DFL?

Moving on...

I try to sleep as late as I possibly can without making myself late to work. Which means, to be at work at 7, I need to be out of the house by 6:30, 6:40 at the ABSOLUTE LATEST PLEASE LORD LET THERE BE NO TRAFFIC. So I routinely roll out of bed... oh... on a rough day, 6:15. So breakfast is almost always on the go - yogurt, fruit, pb&J, oatmeal, sometimes I'm super fancy and make overnight oats to take with me.

But behold, the things you can do when you peel yourself out of a warm bed 20 minutes earlier.

I had some leftover egg whites from making molten chocolate cakes. I added one whole egg, some onion powder, and pepper, whisked it around a bit. Chopped up some spinach, sauteed that, added the eggs, cooked them, dropped them on a tortilla, topped with about 1/8 c shredded cheese, and a healthy heaping of salsa. FREAKING DELICIOUS. And, pretty filling. I managed to stave off starvation for at least a few hours.


I have been stuck in employee evaluation hell for a few weeks, but I think... maybe, possibly... there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Mostly because they are due today, and I have no other choice. Whatever.


Annnnnnd, FINALLY, we got dates for Gabby's Make a Wish trip! We we really, really hoping for spring break, but apparently our chapter has some rule about no trips around the holidays (boo). Our next option was late June, but I'm running a marathon or something. So, we ended up with July 12-18.

It's really, really hot in Florida in July.

But I don't care. It's DISNEY WORLD.

The last time we went to Disney World, my kids looked like this.


So, yesterday, a spreadsheet was born. Planning has commenced. Don't get in the way of my ADR's, I will fight you for the right reservations.


  1. As a one-time elite athlete competing in trials to represent the USA in international competition, I can say quickly and with no reservations that I would much rather finish 4th and just out of the money than DFL.

  2. I would have to say DFL cause that is just way more realistic for me!

    I just donated, let's keep in you first place!

  3. I would rather be fourth, then I would still feel semi-special.

    YAY Disneyworld! I'm still obsessed. : )

  4. I would much rather place 4th. At least I'd be close and know all my hard training was worth something.

  5. Yeah third place! Thanks kick a** :)

  6. ooo...sounds like good ADVENTURE!!
    I'd pick DFL ANYDAY...poor guy, geez.

  7. It looks like you are now in 2nd place! I am glad you posted as it reminded me to donate. :) Now I just need to get the miles in.

  8. Go Team Gab! And, duh, of course it's a race...

  9. Look how little they were! You can't tell me #2 wasn't an innocent angel back then. I refuse to believe it!


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