Monday, January 16, 2012

So, it's Monday. I'm working. I have a headache.

BUT, I had a rad long run yesterday, so I suppose all is well with the world.

Let's do this numbered style today, so I can pretend I won't forget things.

1. Have you registered for the Team Gab Virtual Race?!

We have great prizes from Tommie Copper, Team Sparkle, iFitness, Tough Chik, Gu... Tons. TONS. And you're supporting a great cause - who doesn't want to help out pediatric cancer research, right?

2. Right, so Carlsbad is coming up Sunday! Runners, the weather looks GREAT! Chance of showers, nice and cool..... Great for spectators, not so much though. I'm not sure I'm tough enough to stand and watch runners in the rain. Yikes.

3. Sweaty things that happened last week...
Tuesday: 5 miles easy, 1 mile comfortably fast @ 9:43, total 6 mi 1:04:47, 10:47 avg.
Thursday: Tempo. Blah. 1 mile warm up, 2 @ 10:20, 2 @ 10:00, cool down. What ACTUALLY happened... 10:23, 10:19, 9:54, 9:25. Hm.
Saturday: 25.8 miles on the stationary bike while watching the trials.
Sunday: 12 miles easy, 2:17:48, 11:27 pace. If you're keeping track, that's ohhhh.... 13 seconds off my PR pace. And it was EASY. Last 10K avg 10:38 pace, and last mile was sub 10. There was clearly more left. That's nice.

4. Sweaty things happening this week....
Tuesday: 6 miles easy, maybe hills
Thursday: 1600's, bah.
Friday: 3 miles easy.
Sunday: 9 miles; last 2 at half goal pace.

5. There was a chick on the treadmill at the gym Saturday while I was on the bike. And at first, I was in awe - she had the speed jacked up to 10, and looked GOOD. And then I realized why. She kept standing on the edges of the treadmill letting it run. At first, I thought maybe she was doing some weird interval stuff, but... nope. Not any type of consistent timing between intervals.
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At first it was just 30 seconds here and there... then it was a minute or two, while texting... then 5 minutes to take a call.... then she straight stepped outside to take a call and left it running.

So bizarre. How do you know how much you actually ran!? Why would you do that?!
People are weird.

6. L, Becka's sister, suggested this to me for my next medal hanger, and it's RAD. Thanks, L, I LOVE IT!

And, thanks Allied Medal Hangers - it's perfect!!! Oh, and, if you enter the Team Gab Virtual Race... you could win one. IJS.

I think my next purchase is going to be a Disney-specific hanger....

7. I broke down and got a Garmin. The 205. Used, from eBay. Well, "used". It seems to be brand new, and had 2 runs on it, both starting at like an 8 min pace, and quickly turning into a 25 min pace. Guess it didn't work out for them so well. Sorry 'bout your luck.
I wonder if the hair was extra?

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  1. I hope it does rain Sunday both for me and also so I can have some spectators. It's going to be a lonely marathon if it rains.

    You are going to love the Garmin.

  2. Eww, other people's hair on things is creepy and gives me the heebie jeebies.

  3. Yay for getting a Garmin, I love mine a lot!! Great workouts this week. Weird lady on the treadmill! When is the last day to sign up for the Team Gab Virtual Runs?

  4. I've seen someone at my gym do the weird treadmill thing too. But what puzzles me even more is the girl who always wears off the shoulder shirts to the gym. It seems like they'd be uncomfortable to work out in. But I'm no fashionista so what do I know.

    Your new medal hanger looks awesome!

  5. You had a great week of training--you are coming back fast!

    I am going to get in on that virtual race as soon as I get more than a minute free to sign up!

  6. I got my 205 off of ebay a year ago. works great and seemed pretty brand new. I think the person said they had used it to get to Boston...
    I wish we lived closer...your paces are the same as what mine are! I need a running buddy!

  7. Getting in some great workouts! Seriously how do you do it all? I just have the one baby and am having the hardest time getting my act together to workout, you make me feel lazy. I say that as a good thing, I need the push!! Thanks.

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