Sunday, January 29, 2012

Team Gab Giveaway - Week 2!!!

So, I'm posting from my phone and can't screen shot the pick, but I promise it was fair.

Winner 2 is Rose from Eat, Drink, and be Meiri. Rose, go pick a prize, and let me know!

This weekend has been exhausting and brilliant and crazy and the most fun. Recaps to come....


  1. Holy crap that's me!!!!

    Um, all the prizes are awesome.

    But, I've wanted an Allied Metal Hanger for a long, long time, so that one. Finally, my race medals won't all live clumped up in a box!

  2. Can't wait for the recaps! My friends and I ran and walked for Gabby this weekend. For that recap visit
    Congrats Rose!

  3. I was wondering how you were going to blog, and race, and watch the kids race and pick a winner and be supermom all weekend. Just can't do it all, I know. Looking forward to your recaps (if they could only write themselves...)


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