Friday, January 20, 2012

Team Gab Virtual Race Giveaway Winner - Week 1

So, I intended to post winners this afternoon, but instead I got stuck in performance review formatting hell for 3 hours past my get off of work time. That's fun. Especially on Friday's. Whee.

So, after hours of jacking up excel spreadsheets at work, I came home and did the same thing to match up who donated, how much, and how many entries they got.

And ended up with a bunch more spreadsheets.

Also, I ended up with a winner for the first week of drawings.


...and #200 on my final spreadsheet...

is Skinny Runner!

Congrats, friend. Peruse the prize listing here and email me with the prize you select.

There are still a TON of prizes left, and I'll select winners weekly until they're gone. There is still PLENTY of time to enter and donate!

Jess The Blonde Ponytail has already completed her race, running her 10K as part of a 7 miler.


Thank you, to everyone who has donated! This morning I posted about being the 3rd team in fundraising dollars.

But of course it's a race...
....only $950 left to 1st place...


  1. I LOVE spreadsheets :) but staying late on a Friday? That sucks! I hope you have a GREAT weekend to make up for it!!!

    Congrats to Skinny Runner!

  2. Congrats to SR!
    Flight willing I hope to see you on Sunday. Our snow stopped so I'm optimistic I'll get out today.

  3. Congrats to SR! Hooray for being so close to 1st place in team fundraising!

  4. Woot First winner! :)

    Bonus - I got my 10K distance in today...and posted about it -

  5. This is so awesome! I just started my journey so running a 5K might be too hefty a project by February. Would walking a 5K work?

    Congrats to Skinny Runner!

  6. Congrats SR (and on her awesome race this weekend too!)

    My report is up...


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