Monday, January 9, 2012

Bah, Monday. You're a jerk.

So, this morning, in a fit of productiveness, I made coffee to bring with me, and a protein shake. LUCKILY (ha) before I walked out, The H woke up and reminded me that I was taking his car today, so he could get an oil change for me.

His car does not have usable cup holders.

The one day, ever, that I bring liquids in the car with me, no cup holders. So I now have coffee on my pants, and protein shake on his Miami Dolphins floor mat.

Teaches HIM to do nice things for me....

Annnnyway. Plan for the week!

Last week:
Tuesday - 6 mi in 1:04:14, 10:42 pace.
Thursday - 400's! 1 mi 11:23, 6x400 @ 2:04, 2:05, 2:03, 2:02, 2:01, 2:00, 1 mi @ 10:59.
Sunday - 10 mi easy pace; 1:59:26, 11:56 pace.

This week:
Monday - Suck Less!
Tuesday - 6 mi easy
Wednesday - Suck Less
Thursday - Tempo. Boo.
Friday - Suck Less
Saturday - 11-12 easy

What is the Suck Less Program, you might ask? It's the lazy/cheap person's at home cross training "program". Link HERE for the post where I started this madness.


Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed around 7:20, grabbed some coffee, and headed outside to a lovely, overcast, cool morning... to spectate a race that started 1/2 mile down the street. I was slightly bummed that I wasn't running - I mean, stumbling out of bed at 7:20, and not having to park, expo, blah blah in PERFECT running weather?! What could be better?!

Oh. I know.

Stumbling out of bed, and walking across the street to cheer for runners running the race.

Sign making, obviously NOT my strength. I'm uber-uncreative. Also, of note, Sharpies and poster board are not really friends. Thankfully, I have a billion kids who have a billion markers. Crisis averted.

Sarah (photo stolen from her), Kat, #1, Short chick with too much hair, Julie, Madison, and Margot

There was an abundance of Sparkle, a plethora of cowbell, my voice is still raspy, and more fun than should be possible for an early Saturday morning. Minus the mimosas = Irvine Police should thank us for our restraint.

I've seen this guy at a few races. Green man, who are you??

Yeah, so. That was fun. I'm hoping to do it again at Carlsbad in two weeks.... if anyone wants to join in the Sparkle fun....


  1. I love the sparkle. I am beginning to think I need one of those sparkly skirts.

  2. Ahaha, you got a photo of the green guy! That's too funny!

    I will be running Carlsbad so if you are down there cheer extra loud for me because I will be needing it.

  3. You are the best cheerleader EVER.

  4. Love the pics! Hope to see Green Man at my run this Sunday. First 1/2! Woohoo!

  5. That does look fun!

    But the drink situation? Not so much.

  6. How fun! Yay you're going to be in Carlsbad! I'll watch for you!

  7. How fun! Yay you're going to be in Carlsbad! I'll watch for you!

  8. I don't think I've ever seen the Green Man. I need to look for him. Though I could I have missed him - what a wacky outfit. I would explode into flames if I ran a race in that getup.

  9. There's a green man in Dallas too. Maybe its some sort of secret society!


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