Monday, January 30, 2012

FYTO5K Recap, and PFTW

First, Team Gab is only $326 away from 1st place fundraising team for Pediatric Cancer Research!!! I've gotten a TON of Virtual Race recaps sent in, so if I haven't replied to you already, I'm sorry, I've been super swamped the last week.

If you haven't joined yet, you can CLICK HERE to run the Team Gab Virtual Race Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research. And, don't forget, BIC Bands will be donating a portion of their January and February proceeds to PCRF as well! I wore mine on Sunday at Tinker Bell, and sweartoheavens it is the first band to not fall off of my janky weird shaped head.


Adam at The Boring Runner hosted the 2nd Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual Race. Last year, I missed the race because Gab was still in the hospital. This year, I dedicated my first 5K of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon to FYTO5K. Ironic, since it was a jillion thousand degrees yesterday.

I am not entirely sure how to do this recap, without spoiling the Tinker Bell recap, so for now, I'll say this.

This was the FUNNEST 5K I've ever run.

I love being matchy matchy.

It was very sparkly. I had no idea I could adore Team Sparkle more than I did before. But I do.

And it was almost as if we didn't even run......

Yep. Official 5K time, 1:08:40. I blacked out everything else, because that will be in the full recap.


Last week recap:
Tuesday: 6 miles outside with the new Garmin(!!!!!), 1:03:30 (yeah, that's less than the time FYTO5K took....)
Sunday: Tink, 13.68 miles (oops)

I skipped my speed work day (lame). I was tired, and getting this cold, and then I had too much going on and I'm a lame-o loser run skipper. Oh wells.

This week:
Monday: maaaaaaybe an easy 3 (or 4?).
Tuesday: 6 easy
Thursday: 6 miles speed work
Friday: 8 mile long run with BECKA! Didn't I JUST see her, you ask? Why yes, yes I did. And I'm going to Colorado this weekend to see her again. And my BFF Evan Dando. Yeah. That's right.

And there may be a 5K on Sunday. Possibly. If I don't die of frostbite or something first.


  1. this looks like SO much fun! someday, I really want to do a disney race...

  2. I think you are obsessed with Evan Dando.

  3. OMG. Totally the most fun ever. I don't think it could have been MORE fun. Unless, the blazing hot sun wouldn't have nearly killed us.

  4. Oh yay I hope Team Gab gets into the 1st place position.

    I can't wait to read your Tink recap :)

  5. Auto-pause says we came in at a very respectable 34:26 thank you very much.

  6. I freaking love your matchy matchy sparkles. Love. Incredible. Pun intended.

    Can't wait for the recap!


  7. Your 5K time will always make me giggle!

    I love it!


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