Friday, November 18, 2011

Making out in Lancaster just to pass the time...

1. You guys. Not running is freaking boring. And nothing makes for a boring blog more than a boring life.

2. Did you know I'm friends with a celebrity?? Look (<- that's a link). It's true. Don't be too jealous.

3.I had to also stop doing the DVD's pretending I was exercising, because my shin started HURTING after some of that stuff. I had already stopped doing the jumping stuff, because pretty sure if I can't run, I shouldn't jump on Jerk Shin. But.. hurt anyway.

4. You know what this means? Suck Less, bitches.

5. I spent all of last weekend pouting excessively, being angry at strangers, and horrifying my gentle husband. And shopping, but not buying anything. Something in this list will be changed this weekend. You can guess which one.

6. In typical "My Body Hates Me" fashion, I've easily dropped 3lbs in a week. WTF.

7. I'm going to screen Breaking Dawn Saturday morning, before I take #1 and #2 to see it. Take THAT, Jerk Shin. You get to watch sparkly vampires make babies. Ha.

8. I think Becka should do the 100 miler. Don't you?

9. I went to Yogurtland last night with my internet friends, and didn't take a picture, because I'm a sucky blogger. No content already, hey, watch me make it worse! Good thing Monica is a good blogger, because she has pictures.

10. Some super sexy man was hitting on Skinny Runner a LOT. How she passed up on his hot, hot offer to buy him some FroYo, I'll never know. I mean. He HAS $400 COMING TO HIM, SOON! You could retire on that. Fact.

11. I'm sooooo excited to see Hungry Runner Girl next week!!!!! (Sorry, could you pick up those names I just dropped?)

12. I'm trying to come up with fun fundraising ideas for Team Gab. Got any?

13. What if she side-eyes you, like this? Does that help?

Have a good weekend, y'all.


  1. This post was fun ... name dropper ;) ... but this non-running stuff SUCKS! I am empathizing since I haven't run all week. It's making me itchy.

    $400 - dude, you could buy a lot of FroYo with that!

  2. Do you have any pools near you where you could get some cardio in by swimming? Don't let not running get your down. GET YOUR SWEAT ON.

  3. if no indoor pool than eliptical? no jumping.

  4. after you guys left i went and got that guys number. i mean, begging for change, how hot is that?! yes, i want to take care of you for the rest of your life because you cant afford frozen yogurt. sign me up!

  5. going to see breaking dawn tonight! so pumped. my obession is sad and pathetic.
    yes it is.

    i vote baked goods for team gab. because who doesnt love cookies and cake??

  6. Virtual 5k fundraisers are always fun!

    Isn't it annoying how you drop the poundage when you're not trying?

    heal shin, heal!!


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