Monday, November 28, 2011

Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure

Womp. Freaking. Womp.


I've missed sweating. I've tried other things. The elliptical bores me to tears. My cycling form must be strange, because it hurts Jerk Shin when I up the speed or tension. I had to stop jumping around and doing plyo.

I've pretty much backed off of almost all sweaty (read: cardio) activity for two weeks or so.

The good news here, is that Jerk Shin seems to be pleased. It doesn't hurt much, at all, during normal activity. And it only barely hurts when I touch it now. Before my sweating time-out, the pain when I messed with Jerk Shin was probably around 8-9 on a scale of 1-10. Now, probably a 3.

I go back to get Jerk Shin checked out on Friday. My super, SUPER lofty hope is that all is well, and it was just Bad Ass Shin Splints, and I'm cleared to start running and can still do Operation Jack. My realistic goal, is I'm cleared to start running slowly, and will be starting from scratch and training up to Mermaid Half in February. My "I might kill someone for some good cardio" goal is that I have to sit out another week.

Fingers crossed!

Anyway, last week I did a 31+ mile cycling session. That was it. It was boring, but I got to catch up on my Top Chef (yes, in fact, I did plan my extended weekend around a two hour block on the stationary bike so I could watch Top Chef. Don't judge me.). 31.17 in 1:49, 17.2mph pace. Not super shabby. My ass hurt.

But this week, I have big plans.

Because I'm bored of being whiny and lazy.

Welcome back, Suck Less Program!

If you're new 'round these parts, the Suck Less Program is a random cross-training program that I made up, around 3 exercises: Crunches, Squats, and Pushups. I've added Tricep Dips to the mix, as well. The goal, at the end of the program, is to do 200 Crunches, 200 Squats, 100 Push Ups, and 150 Tricep Dips at one time when you're done.

It's simple. It's free. And, it's measurable, which is key for me.

Monday: Suck Less
Tuesday: Elliptical intervals. If I can't run, I suppose I'll pretend I can.
Wednesday: Suck Less
Thursday: Cycling - Top Chef time!
Friday: Suck Less
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Knott's Merry Farm!

Welcome back, sweat.

In other EXCITING news, I am a brand spankin' new FitFluential Ambassador! Remember back in October when I posted about WHY I should be a FitFluential Ambassador? My Picnik skills worked, and I got the magical email over the weekend.


Click HERE to learn more about FitFluential, and what we do.

Buy 1, get 1 50% off. I sent that to my Secret Santa... you know that's right.
Other EXCITING things that happened this weekend...

Says The H, "You can't wait until we're out of the store to take a picture??"... nope. Sure can't. Run Eat Repeat would be so proud...
This stuff was freaking delicious. I used it to baste my turkey and make the mashed potatoes.

I am a stalker's dream...

Did you know German is my second language? Neither did I.
But that dinosaur didn't leave Gab's side all weekend.


#2 suggested a Girl's Day Out Sunday. Challenge: Accepted. I took them to see Breaking Dawn (yes, I saw it last weekend; yes, I pre-screened it for them; yes, it was just as bad this time; yes, there were eyes being covered during some scenes); then we picked up Gabby, headed to lunch and.... Target. Duh.
Any other killer Cyber Monday sales out there?? I'm itchin' to go clickin'.....


  1. Note to self: only buy running skirts on Cyber Monday. Dang, I bought a sparkle skirt two weeks ago.

    I hope that your problems are just BASS.

    And, I'm glad my daughter doesn't like vampires. I don't want to watch Breaking Dawn and I won't let her watch True Blood.

  2. I love that butter..I haven't bought it in years because I will sit down with a loaf of crusty bread and I will devour both.

  3. I have always looked at SUCK LESS and been amazed. But I'm too scared to try it because I'm a whimp. That's not an excuse, but I use it anyway. At least your children are beautiful.

  4. amazon has a garmin 405cx for $150 in blue. good deal except the blue but whatever.

    and a local place has garlic butter poor boys that we get every christmas eve. mmm belly rub!

  5. I hope you get good news on Friday
    Congrats on being FitFluential Ambassador!

  6. Boo to the jerk shin. Couldn't agree more the elliptical drives me batty.
    NEED to see you when I come for Carlsbad!
    I cleaned up with 40% off at A&F. Thing 1 has the best mom ever yes she does.
    Thnx for the headsup on the sparkle skirts!

  7. Congrats on being a FitFluential Ambassador!

    Keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed that you get GOOD news at your appt :)


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