Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If I could talk I'd tell you...

  • I ran 67 miles in October. That's my highest mileage month ever. Two half marthons in there helped, I guess.

  • For someone who hates the cold, I was dismayed to find this in my weekly forecast...

    Perfect running weather, though, I guess.

  • I'm really hoping to PR at Iron Girl Del Mar this weekend. My current 5K PR is 33:05.

  • Who am I kidding. I bet I kill that.

  • I am itchy to take a vacation

  • I have no plans to any time soon. Bummer

  • Halloween at the Giraffy house was very mellow. #1 decided she was too old to trick or treat. #2 went with some friends. The H was working. That left Gabby and me on our own.

  • We had a grand time. I tried to take a picture, and these were my options from her...

  • She was rpetty much a rock star, and walked two miles! This is kind of a huge deal for her - normally she tires out well before then.

  • People and their insistance on finding an easy way to being healthy fascinate me. I'm not sure why hard work and committment are such a tough thing to grasp.

  • Someone told me I was judgy about people who constantly complain about being overweight or unhealthy, but aren't interested in putting in the effort. It's true. I probably am. I don't care.

  • If you're going to choose to be lazy, at least embrace it, and stop pretending. I could respect that.

  • I just talked The H into approving a trip for me to visit my CO BFF. He said yes because, I quote, "Better for you to get it out of the way now and quit bugging me about it.". He knows me so well.

  • Oh. Becka. I hear Feb. 3-5 are free for you?.....


  1. "If you're going to choose to be lazy, at least embrace it, and stop pretending. I could respect that."

    I am so with you! Good luck PRing on the 5k, you can do it!

  2. I have a feeling you'll smash your PR too!
    Congrats on your highest mileage month!

  3. Consider that PR yours!

    67 is huge! I haven't hit anywhere near that since training for the Princess!

    So if I want to lose weight I have to put down the chips and move? I don't understand. Maybe I'll just take a pill and it will melt off and give me 6-pack abs? That's what you mean, right? And don't get me started on sugar! ;)

  4. Ooooh, the easy life now that would be fun - oh wait, no, I'd be breathless and miserable, that would't do!

    Loving Gabby's get out and go, if she can do 2 miles so can I tomorrow :-)

  5. Congrats on your highest mileage month ever! Woohoo :)

    I don't like the cold either :( but I love fall/winter. Weird. It is perfect running weather though.

    GOOD LUCK at getting your PR this weekend. I think you are def going to do it :)

    Yay for Gabby! She looks adorable in her princess dress :)

    I'm verrrrrrrrrrrry judgy {is judgy a word? who cares --- I like it} about people who complain about being too busy to be active or to eat healthy. Seriously. I just want to tell them to just make the effort. Its really not that freaking hard. Just do it. End of rant! LOL.

    I'm going to be chanting PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR for you until I hear that you've smashed it!!!!!!!!


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