Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I love. And things I don't.

I am damn witty. Look at that title. How has a marketing company not snatched me right up yet?

Things I Currently Love

1. The fun folks at Juiceology sent me two flavors to check out recently.

They are DELICIOUS. The Blueberry Acai was my favorite - tangy, sweet, flavorful. Loved it. The Peach Mango was also good, but very sweet for my tastes - I tried adding some water to it, and it was better. But that's just me - I prefer to save my sweets-consumption to chocolate and baked goods. But that Blueberry Acai... I could drink that stuff like it's my job.

From their website...
All of our juices get a powerful dose of micronutrient extracts, which are designed to be easily assimilated by the digestive system.

Made from our own blends of the freshest fruits, vegetables, whole grains and herbs, these extracts boost the nutritional value of our fruit juices without boosting calories or affecting the fruits’ pure, delicious flavor.

The label and nutrition info...

Interesting. In general, I'm not a big fan of drinking your calories. I dig that there's at least some nutrition coming from this - it's not just empty calories.

Plus, they're big on sustainability, which gets them a giant thumbs up from me.

2. I got this in our Trick or Treating. Fascinating.
it's like Nutella, but all caramel. Huh.

3. It took me awhile to get on the greek yogurt train, but this stuff is delicious.

4. !!!!!!!!!!!

5. My CEP Compression Socks.
Love, so hard.

6. Holiday's that I don't have off..

7. My Allied Medal Hanger....
I need a new one.

Things I Don't Love....
1. The Jerk Shin. Did you know, no amount of KT Tape....

or even wearing Tommie Coppers....

...fixes a stress fracture?

True story.


Take THAT, Jerk Shin.


  1. Wow! What a great medal hanger :) I want one (when I have some medals to put on it...)

  2. Love the medal hanger - I asked for one for Christmas! :) Wow congrats on registering for the Marathon - hopefully Seattle will represent for you.

  3. Woo hoo, you really are coming to Seattle. Love.

  4. Like nutella but caramel? I am so glad I don't have this at home. You have no idea how glad.
    I love greek yogurt but I eat it plain. (just thought that mixing it with nutella... hmmm)
    Have a great weekend.

  5. so exciting that you registered for the full! :)

  6. WTH? A stress fracture?

    I am in love with lemon Chobani. True story.

    Glad you registered for a full! You'll have so much support in Seattle. Good idea! :)

  7. Great compression socks. And congratulations on your marathon registration! My first marathon was a rock n' roll marathon and it was a blast!!

  8. Stupid shins. They can be such assholes.

    You know what isn't stupid?? The amount of fun we're going to have in Seattle!!!

  9. Wait... what the hell? You signed up for the marathonwhatthehellllll



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