Monday, November 14, 2011

Wherein I discuss my stupid risk-taking and things you shouldn't do

I snuck this into Friday's post, between discussing how many things I love, and how I registered for my first FULL marathon (Seattle RnR!).

Waaaaay back in September, before Long Beach, I had some issues with the Jerk Shin. I took two weeks off, cross-trained, iced, compressed, rested the Jerk Shin. Ran Long Beach. It kind of sucked. But the Jerk Shin was okay. It didn't hurt while I ran, at all - so I kept running. I ran a couple 5K's. I ran another half marathon. I ran some really, REALLY hard work-outs.

I still had a significant amount of pain in my shin.... but always after my runs. I attributed it to just overall achiness from running hard. I mentioned to a few people I suspected a stress fracture. I kind of did. But I kept running. I was excited about the improvements I was making, and I wasn't ready to stop.


I finallllly got around to seeing my doctor last Friday, and after poking, and prodding, and hitting me with that tiny hammer until I screamed, he determined...
.1% it's a bone tumor. 98% chance it's a stress fracture. Tiny chance it's just reallllly bad shin splints.
Womp, womp.

I'm going back to get some pictures of my bones on 12/1, to reassess the damage, and decide where to go from there. No running until then (which means, I got my wish to NOT run Mission Inn, thankyouveryMUCH,Karma). And when I'm allowed back into the party, I have to rebuild my mileage, sloooooowly. No Holiday Half. No Operation Jack, which was going to be my Long Beach redemption race (but I will be volunteering).

Womp. Freaking. Womp.

Mission Inn I was not sad about missing (especially after hearing about the shitfest that the half was, thanks to ChaCha). But I'm SUPER bummed about Holiday Half and Operation Jack. SUPER. BUMMED.

The H is vacillating between excited to have our weekends back, and horrified at the rage-monster I turned into when I couldn't run for just a few days. I suspect he's terrified of what will happen in the next 3 weeks.

I registered for a FULL MARATHON...
...because what else would be reasonable to do while you can't run, right? I am pretty positive I'm going to break down and hire a coach to help me build my mileage back up responsibly.

I tried shopping. The only things I bought were a megaton of cake decorating supplies. Ask me how many times I've actually "decorated" a cake?

None. But apparently I'm going to learn. I've got icing tips for daaaays.

I tried sweating it out. The stationary bike and the elliptical just don't have the same effect. I think they may even make me angrier, if that's possible.

I'm super, duper fortunate that my damn Jerk Shin didn't just snap underneath me, while I was busy ignoring all of the "STOP EFFING RUNNING" signs. I should be grateful that it's really just a few weeks off. And I am, somewhere in my brain. Except that my brain is working overtime reminding me of all the fun I'm missing while not running. Lame.

Oh well.

The moral of this very, very long, very, very pathetic post is, kids, listen to your damn body. If you feel like something is off (like, legit off, not I'm lazy and want to find an excuse to stop being sweaty off), figure it out, take the time to fix it, and run healthy.

The end.


  1. :(

    horrible Shin splints were part of my problem last year. They hurt so bad that I thought it would be sxf. Turns out I had worse things going on.

    Our bodies take a beating and the injury work stoppage is a bitch. :( Sorry you are sitting some things out.

    I hope it's not a sxf but maybe really bad shin splints (mine were inflamed enough to show up on a MRI)
    I stopped having pain after getting new & correct shoes.

  2. oh no, well rest up now so it doesn't get worse. What about aqua jogging? that saved me before. It sounds horrible but it actually works really well!

  3. One word. . . OUCH!!

    But I guess the good news is that Seattle isn't until the end of June, so no need to panic just yet, with regard to that race at least. Dang, that really sucks!!

  4. AGH, its so hard when its actually happening to YOU though, easy to advise other but when its you going *just try a run and see how it goes!!!* "don't do it" I know sounds easy.

  5. Aw, man. At least you got a diagnosis. I hate going to the doc without walking away with some concrete plan.

    Oh, and, I hate the elliptical too. Although, I did sweat a ton the last time I got on that stupid machine.

  6. this sucks
    I am so sorry...

    you will get better and back at it.
    dont be discouraged...too much

    how about swimming?

  7. Really hope it's not a stress fracture. I hate to even type those words.

    but YAHOO For the full! I saw your post on FB, but wasn't sure if that's what you went for. YAY!! I'm SO excited for you!!!!!


    You'll be back. I'll be keeping a sideways eye at the ellips/bikes until then looking for stabby people.

    You could make me a half birthday cake with all your new toys if you want. Just saying.

  9. Awww :( Sorry to hear this! One day at a time! You'll be back to where you were/are in NO TIME flat.

  10. Remember how I told you to stop running, weeks ago?!! I win.

    :D But, get better, Jerk Shin.

  11. agh heather i'm so sorry! fractures are the worst. but seriously, rest up, swim and bike and cross train hard, and you'll be back on those roads/trails/tracks in no time.

    if you ever need to vent, let me know because i've been there.

  12. I'm still holding out that it isn't a stress fracture. But regardless, this time off will derail your december race calendar and that is poopy :(

    But 3-4 weeks isn't too bad. Have you tried spin classes or is that off limits? It's about the only other cardio workout I can suffer through that isn't running.

  13. boo!

    get better jerk shin --- there are races to be RUN!!!

  14. You gave your shin a name! Hehe. That jerk better leave you alone. If it comes between you and your running, it is out of line.

  15. That is a major bad sad! ugh

    Hugs and hope your jerk shin starts behaving like it should.


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