Monday, October 24, 2011


Last week was pretty quiet around these parts. I was tired. That's all, really. No other excuses. Gabby has been staying up super late, I have to get up early for work, I was just exhausted. Oh well.

Tuseday: 5 miles, hills
Saturday: intended to do a trail run with the H, but Gab was up until almost 2 am. We woke up at 8:45. By then, it's too warm out. Oh well.
Sunday: 10 sucktastic miles. No, really. They sucked. All of them.

This week...
Monday: 5-ish recovery miles walk/jog at Balboa Peninsula
Wednesday: 400's that I skipped last week
Friday: Hilllllls. Again.
Sunday: The Richard Leary 6 hour challenge. I was originally going to attempt 15 miles. That was the plan, when I was going to run 13 yesterday. But I didn't. So... we'll see. I'll do at least 13. Maybe a couple more if I feel like it. Slow and easy. I have no time goals for this one.

Saturday I'm going to a memorial service for a lovely woman who was a teammate of mine on the PCRF VIP Training team in May. She battled cancer and lost. I am really, really tired of cancer.

I am not officially fundraising yet, but my fundraising site for PCRF is up and accepting donations - link HERE. You can also join Team Gabby either as a local runner/walker or a virtual participant. Link to our team page HERE.

And because this bummer of a post is pretty bleh, here's a random picture that I like.


And two more to balance out the pictures of my kids. I don't really know what is happening here... neither of them actually wear glasses.




  1. I'm sorry to hear about the woman who lost her battle. Cancer DOES suck--I have had so many people fight this battle.

    Tell your older girls they look quite sophisticated! ; )

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Look how beautifully Gab's hair is coming back--love!

  3. I had 10 sucky miles this weekend too!

    Gabby's hair is so lovely!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Cancer does SUCK!

  4. Shall I set up a waterstop for your 5 miler today? Peek out my windows at you and yell things as you go by?

    What tha hack does PFTW stand for?

  5. Yes, cancer SUCKS! :(

    Out of all the runners/bloggers I've had the opportunity to meet in person & thru blogs...YOU are truly the most inspirational to me! I took a peek at your calendar for the rest of the year and next and girl, I'm impressed!! Is next year's marathon your first?? San Fran and San Diego back 2 back months!! "YOU GO GIRL!!" You are AWESOME for getting out there and facing all of your domestic & running challenges! You're taking them all on AND still have time to blog, share with all of us. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to meet you and I'm looking forward to PCRF and running for "TEAM GABBY!!" PCRF is such a wonderful organization and I look forward to it every year!!

    Have a happy Monday! :)

  6. oh I'm sorry. Cancer more than sucks. No word for it.

  7. Cancer does suck. So sorry. Hope your week is better this week.

  8. I'm so over the cancer thing. My step-dad beat it a couple of years ago, hallelujah! And just tonight we ran into a co-worker who is still out after having some huge surgery for her gall bladder cancer. Sounds like they practically cut her in half. OVER IT!!!

    Your kids are so awesome. Even if they really do wear big glasses and you're pretending they don't. ;)


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