Monday, October 10, 2011

Rest. Reflect. Regroup.

I planned to start a fresh new training cycle after Long Beach, so.. I guess that’s what I’ll do.

Cross-training plummeted the last few months, and I want to build that back in. The H and I have a thing planned… I think he thinks we’re starting this week. Little does he know that I’m currently freaking EXHAUSTED and don’t think I’ll even manage to make it through the work day. I’m pretty much certainly not playing with some HIIT tonight. Sorry, H.

This week is all about recovery. I’ll recap Long Beach today, but it was a tough, tough race for me, mentally and physically. It was freaking HOT. I didn’t train in the HOT. My fault, entirely, and I’m 50/50 kicking myself and determined to never run in the HOT again ever. I feel pretty good – The Shin is acting shady, as per usual. But aside from that, I feel alright. A little achy, definitely like I ran a hard race yesterday, but nothing disturbing seems to be amiss. I like it.

I might try a short recovery run tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. Just to shake out the legs…

I'm also going to be focusing on hill training, and possibly trail runs. I've got a hilly half coming up in five weeks, so I want to be prepared. I have no PR plans for that race, just for fun. I also am not a fan of dying, so hill work it is.

This weekend I’m taking all the kids (!!) to run Chapman University 5K with Team Sparkle. I’ll be running (aka, “running”) with #2 and #3, so no PR’s there, just a nice, easy pace. #1 will be busy killing it, I’m sure. Checking out the results from last year, she might place in her age group. Again. Punk.


In other, non-running news, Gabby turns FIVE tomorrow!!

I must be inches away from disaster, because typing that made me teary-eyed.

Anyway. Like a crazy person, I decided we should celebrate this weekend, since her birthday is on a Tuesday, and we had the cousins over for some cake…




Yeah. I made that.

It was freaking DELICIOUS after a race. Refueling win.

Team Gabby is looking for runners in SoCal (or anywhere, we’re not picky!)! Please click HERE to read about the challenges in treating pediatric cancer, and how you can help. I know, I know – soooo much fundraising, so little time/funds/interest. But you’ll be running ANYWAY, right?


  1. Happy B-day to Gaby!

    And OMG with your Mission-Inn-Is-Hilly. However, I many end up eating my words running up the hill at the end.

    If you really want a hilly half marathon to complain about - Highland YMCA Half in January. $35 of 6.5 miles up hill, 6.5 down. That sh!t was hard. Cheap and hard. Hahaha. Sorry, as soon as I thought of it I had to write it.

  2. Happy Birthday to Gabby! See you ladies at the Chapman 5K this weekend! I will have my Sparkly skirt on...either purple or turquoise, depending on which one Team Sparkle brings me.

  3. Happy Birthday Gabby! And it sounds like you have a plan!

  4. Happy Birthday Gabby and happy birthing day mom; Sending you both a basket full of birthday wishes with stars to reach for, sunshine to bask under and rainbows to marvel at. xx

  5. Happy Birthday to little Gabby! I feel like a loser not commenting on photos, but then you know I can't see them. :(

    After my July half marathon I remember saying "That's it. No more hot races." I am still sticking by it. I was so miserable that I hardly have any positive memories from that race. I mean the only positives are when I was talking to a dog that was hot and standing in the lake, and then when I went down to the lake. And like you, I'm not going to try to PR my next race. I don't even know what my elevations will be on it. I just want a fresh start too. I'll just move in with you and the fam, mkay?

  6. Happy Birthday to Gabby! That cake looks AMAZING! so creative :)

    It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday :)

  7. man, I am impressed! gabby cake looks awesome! way to go. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABSTER!

  8. man, I am impressed! gabby cake looks awesome! way to go. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABSTER!


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