Monday, October 3, 2011

Plan for the Week!

First...... ^^^take a click up there and check out Team Gab! If you're in SoCal and looking for a spring race, we'd love to have you. Not in SoCal? Join us in reaching for a cure by becoming a virtual participant!

So, last week.....
Monday - nada
Tuesday - planned an hour cardio; did 35 minutes on the elliptical instead. Smelly kids drove me out of the gym.
Wednesday - not much
Thursday - test run! 3.5 easy miles. Jerk Shin decided to play nice.
Friday - rest
Saturday - Knott's Berry Farm and Team So Much Cooler Online meetup
Sunday - 8-10 miles planned; 11 miles DONE :D

So, the Shin is still off. If I poke at it, it HURTS. If I ignore it, and don't touch it, there's no trouble. I've been icing, elevating, and compressing, and all of that seems to help. After this morning's long run, I seem to be feeling okay. I've got until the 5th to decide for SURE if I want to run Long Beach, but so far, so good.

Next week.....
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 5 miles @ race pace (hopefully 10:18)
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 3-5 miles easy
Friday - rest
Saturday - maybe a morning hike?
Sunday - 13.1

I'll be focusing on hydrating (because I normally suck at it....), and just resting up this week. I'm pretty wiped out right now. Yawn.


  1. Hopefully the shin is better! Good plan!

  2. I'm focusing on hydrating, too, because I also suck at it. On race week I usually use a Sharpee to write "HYDRATE" on my hand along my thumb area. It helps - sometimes.

    I like that we have a half marathon on the same day. It's almost like we're racing together - but I predict you to smash my finish time by a lot!!

    Now go drink some water!

    **Later I'll comment on your prior post when I can see the photos from home!**

  3. my shinny shin shins have been little a-holes too. What gives? The giant dog sat on my right shin last night and I cried actual tears. Ice feels good, but it doesn't take it away for more than 24 hours. Compression-depression.
    What're girls to do?
    Your Shin Sister,

  4. slap a piece of KT tape on that shin, I have a piece on my knee right now. : ) feel better!


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