Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We must travel in the direction of our fear.

This post was full of glorious, pain-stakingly selected images, because I swear, I know how boring and tough it is to read through a billion lines of just text. However, my photobucket was over max bandwidth, thanks to a picture i posted somewhere and have now removed. So I know pictures aren't showing, sorry about that, should be back to normal soon. But in the mean time, enjoy my bullet points and descriptions of what I intended this post to look like.

  • I've been in a funk lately. Nothing is wrong, necessarily. I'm not unhappy, at all. Just feel... unsettled? I don't know. It's disconcerting.

  • {pretend there is a picture here of a superhero LOLCat leaping to my rescue}

  • And when I can't pinpoint why I'm funk-ish, it's tough to figure out how to undo the funk.

  • {and one here of an LOLCat with a verrry low Care-o-Meter}

  • I'm really, REALLY excited that I accidentally found that one of my favorite bands of ever is playing locally, THIS FRIDAY night. Seriously, it was fate. I'm destined to be at this concert. And, it was $18. NOTHING in OC is ever just $18. Fate, obviously. AND, they're playing my favorite of their albums in full. Weird, right? But glorious for me!

  • {here's a non-picture of the Lemonheads It's a Shame About Ray album}

  • There's still time to register for the Richard Leary 6-Hour Challenge. There may (or may not....) be a couple other SoCal bloggers and myself hanging out on a blanket celebrating *ahem* a great race after we're done with our laps. And by celebrating *ahem*, I mean brunch. Obviously.

  • If you don't think you can make it out on Sunday for the local event, there's a great satellite option as well - only $35, and you still get the tee and the fancy lookin' medal! Plus, the race benefits two great causes, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (link HERE) and Train 4 Autism (link HERE).

  • The lovely Jesse at Journey Thru Life is celebrating a birthday today - go say happy birthday!
    {Random picture of Gabby with a french fry mustache}

    Becka reminded me this morning that we have FIVE RACES TOGETHER in 2012! That's SUPER exciting for me, because she's pretty much one of my favorite people ever, and it's rough on our BFF'ness that we live states apart. 2012 has to be fantastic now.

  • {picture of baby animals as BFF's, because we're cute and super cuddly. It's true.}

  • I did a "recovery" "run" on Monday night after the worst 10 miler ever on Sunday. We tried to jog, but man. That was tough. Tired legs are lazy legs. BUT, it worked - I felt GLORIOUS yesterday. Who knew... Oh. Right. ALL THE OTHER RUNNERS did.

  • The RnR NOLA madness Monday... holy crow. In general, I'm not really a fan of the RnR races. Too big, too expensive, not Disney, not worth it for me. I was talked into RnR Seattle, thanks to peer pressure from THIS one. But otherwise, I'm really not interested in NOLA, I don't really care for the city, the RnR series is just too big, too expensive, and not Disney enough for me. But that didn't stop me from spending a fair amount of time trying to convince The H I should go. Turns out, he knows us, oh so well. Heh.
  • {picture here of our text convo, concluding with him saying "You are not turning into Becka". Rude.}

  • And now that he's aware he was kind of being punked, I apologize, H. It was all for my amusement. I'm a terrible, terrible wife. And you're stuck with me.

  • {Giggling LOLCat}


  1. I've never been to New Orleans before, so I'm excited to travel to somewhere new. As long as the hurricanes stay away.

  2. I confess - when you said there was an option for the 6 hour run for people that can't make it, well, I actually opened up the webpage to find out the details. But then I remembered I'm doing a half marathon on Saturday and although I want to run a 5K on Sunday, 6 hours just isn't going to happen. I'm lame.

    I love that this post is one I can read - since I normally can't see photos anyway! I do want to see the French fry mustache though.

    I've been in a funk, too. Multiple things I think. I need a vacation so I can just get away from work for a while. I can't believe I spend 40 hours a week sitting at this desk with these people. Seriously.

    Now I'm really craving one of those Pillsbury biscuits. Random.

  3. The last time I was in NOLA, I broke my leg. 'nuff said.

  4. Ok leg breaking scares me! Glad I didn't register. ;)

  5. aw, thanks for the b-day shout out :)

  6. NOLA!! Its the southern version of Vegas, well kinda. Good stuff!


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