Sunday, October 2, 2011

Randomest Weekend E V E R

Let's start with Friday, shall we?

At work, I leave my windows down because it's a billion degrees when I leave. Problem: A FREAKING (teeny) SPIDERWEB ATTACHED TO MY DASHBOARD WITH NO SPIDER IN SIGHT.


(please ignore the dust. I know, we need a cleaning badly.)

Followed by the prettiest sunset I've seen in ages.

And, the most glorious Sports Authority sale ever. Nike capri's, $17. Score.


We were invited to a VIP breakfast at Knott's Berry Farms Snoopy's Camp Spooky. You all know I'm a Disney girl, so I wasn't sure how we'd feel about Knott's, compared to Disneyland.

We ended up having a great time - full review to come this week.

After Knott's, I bribed OUaL with Starbucks in exchange for a ride down to Carlsbad to meet-up with some of our Ragnar teammates!


Meet..... Team So Much Cooler Online!

ChaCha, That Chick, Margot, HauteRunningMama, PrettyFittie, SkinnyRunner, OUaL


Delicious. Freaking delicious.

Per the advice of others, I planned on a long slow run. I wanted to do an 11-miler - I like the 11 mile distance, it gives me heaps of confidence that I'll at least FINISH 13.1. I felt pretty good the entire time (no shin pain!), so I decided to kick it up a bit and did the last three at goal pace. Holy isht, that's a tough workout. Man. I ended up at an 11:14 pace overall, so... it's faster than my previous long runs, so I guess it's good.

Of note, I tried this today....

And... I don't know. It tastes GREAT, but I felt crappy for a couple hours after the run. I can't say it was the Chocolate #9 stuff, or if I was just dehydrated or what... Just an observation.

I was super duper wiped out. Like, exhausted. Then I remembered I had plans with a friend, to get MAC makeovers.

It was only sort of a joke when I asked if it would be rude to fall asleep in the chair.

So we trekked down to South Coast Plaza, and holy crap, it wasn't just a mellow afternoon in the mall... There were DJ's...

And models covered in body paint....

Bizarre. So a word of advice, when the MAC artist asks what kind of makeup you normally wear, and you tell her you are pretty minimal, and then she says, "Oh! Let's do something different!"..... be prepared.

This look goes especially well with compression, doncha think?

You should really be very jealous. My husband is a lucky, lucky man.


  1. Did you steal Nicole's pic or did I take every single group photo extremely badly? I mean, I know I am the worst for pictures (did I not say am awful? SR did not believe me but this here is proof), but there is no way I had the same dumb expression for two consecutive pictures.

    Oh, and I am covetous of your hot pink CEPs. And your Sports Authority score.

  2. Love the name...wasn't my first choice (I liked the no dudes/24 boobs) but a great one nonetheless. So glad you are pain free!

  3. I'm a MAC girl - I mean did you notice how I still had fresh make-up after the Disneyland Half? Behold the power of MAC .... and they don't know how to do ANYTHING minimal!

    I hate it when a spider gets loose in my car.

  4. I love the team name!

    But, my weekend was possibly even more random than yours. Friday night I went to dinner with a dozen total strangers (and a couple familiar faces, lest you think I crashed some random dinner party), then to a sex toy store, then to a gay bar complete with drag show, and got home at 3:30 in the morning. Saturday I spent 8 hours watching horses go around in circles and then had dinner with an Olympian. And sunday I took two naps and watched football.

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