Monday, August 22, 2011


***I sent out an email regarding plans for the Disneyland meetup... if you asked to join, and I missed you (because I have the organizational skills of a chimp), please email me!!***

I seriously suck at the cross training portion of RLRF.

Last week's run down:
Monday - Nada (still recovering from my long run the day before, if that's a valid excuse?)
Tuesday - 800's. Goal pace 4:48. Actual 4:43, 4:42, 4:41, 4:38, total 4 miles. Not a fan.
Wednesday - TV watching
Thursday - Tempo. Goal pace 10:38. Actual actual: 10:38, 10:20, 9:51, total of 5 miles. This run was sweat-tastic.
Friday - um.
Saturday - 11 glorious miles on the treadmill. Goal pace 11:44, actual 11:33, with my last mile at 10:22. I clearly need to step up my game. Talk about underachieving... Also, I adore the treadmill. I'm a freak.

Says The H, "Wow. You're bright." Heh.

(have you entered Running Ricig's "Before and After" Click Giveaway?! Link HERE). Please don't because I love Click and want it for myself. Thanks.

Magic. I also love an ice bath. See: Freak.

For some reason... last week's 10 miler made me sore and achy and tired for days. Saturday's 11 miles? I'm not achy a teeny bit.

Maybe it was the Tommy Coppers?.....

AND, I wasn't famished, either. I mean, I destroyed lunch, but my appetite was totally normal after that, not bottomless-pit-like. Not at all. So strange. I saw this a few hours later, and managed to refrain. Not Normal, people. It's obviously a sign, yes?

Instead, I held out and grabbed some Veggie Grill (meh, what is all the hype?) and Yogurtland with the lovely Faster Bunny. That chick rocks my socks.

Plan for this week:
Monday - 5 miles speed work, TBD
Tuesday - I don't know. Yoga?
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - 5 miles, 4 @ tempo pace
Friday - Swim?
Saturday - Wet n' Wild 5K, plus an extra 5 miles sometime over the weekend... welcome back, taper!

And two more random pictures from the weekend...

"Daddy, hold my baby's hand, not mine!"

THIS GIRL had her SECOND TO LAST CHEMO before maintenance on Thursday.

SO so so close, you guys. SO close.


  1. um i'm so excited about how awesome your running going but, honestly, wayyyy more excited about gabby's chemo being almost OVER. !!!

  2. Stephanie said it best!!!!! How awesome that Gabby is almost done with chemo - woot woot!

    Seriously love the photo holding the baby doll hand, that is totally something my little one would do. love

  3. YAY!! Gabs has been through so much, happy to hear she is almost done!

    Wow. You're bright. Hehe.

    See you in less than TWO WEEKS!!! :D :D :D

  4. GREAT JOB on your intervals and tempo run. Woo hoo!

    And how awesome that chemo is almost done. PARTY!!! :)

  5. personally, I think TV watching SHOULD be cross training :)

    I "cheat" at the cross training of RLRF because I do the elliptical! Gasp. I just can't quite it, LOL.

    Good luck at your 5k this week, and with the rest of your weekly plan :)

    And, yay for almost to maintenance for Gabby :)

  6. Even as a vegetarian I feel that pull to In & Out!

  7. Ooo, I'm like 2 weeks behind, but 2nd to last chemo! I'm stoked for that sweet baby.


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