Wednesday, August 17, 2011

800's can kiss my....

Running three quality runs a week works best for me. I have a wussy ass body, that likes to feel injured all the time. After my first half, I was sidelined for 2 weeks. After my second, I was out for a month.

So what's the logical thing to do? Register for another 6 half's and create my own training plan, of course. I based it on Run Less, Run Faster, ran it by a smart runner I know, and so far, so good. My paces are getting better, and my endurance has improved by leaps and bounds.

Like I've posted before, I'm doing a modified version of RLRF. The ONLY reason I've modified any part of it, is because numbers give me anxiety, and there are a LOT of numbers involved. I prefer to simplify things, and do like a straight set of 800's, vs what RLRF posits as Key Run #1.

Overall, I still do Key Run 1 (speed work, of various types - 400's, 800's, etc), Key Run 2 (tempo), and Key Run 3 (long and slow).

Cely @ Running off the Reese's posted a great blog about how to create your own training plan HERE. Good read.

Anyway. Last night I dubbed 4x800, at 4:48 goal pace.

Actual... 4:43, 4:42, 4:41, 4:38. 400 RI.

800's always make me feel like I might die. They last forfreakingEVER. ugh ugh ugh. Plus, I don't know what was happening, but it just seemed like the most annoying gym trip ever. It was a trillion degrees, my legs felt TIRED, there were punk boys there boxing (fine) to the loudest soundtrack ever played on their personal speakers (not fine). Then, #2 showed up in the middle of interval #3, and wanted to chat. Um, sorry kid, I'm barely keeping myself alive, I'm sure not gonna have a convo right now.

Blah. Oh well. I did them, and they're over.

Next up: Thursday tempo, 5 miles with 3 at 10:38. Sounds.... Doable.


  1. Agree on the 800s. THEY.LAST.FOREVER.

  2. i'm totally using cely's notes for when i'm competent enough to not just follow a beginner's half plan.

    nice work on the 800s!

  3. WOW good job with your runs! I'm still new so half of this post doesn't make sense to You sound like a running machine though!

  4. GREAT JOB!! They DO last forever. :)

    I just read a book called Run Faster How to be your own best coach by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald. It is really great and is for runners of all levels and talks about finding a plan that works for you but then adjusting it to fit YOUR needs, listening to your body, etc. Sounds like you are doing that really well. :)

  5. way to show those 800's who is boss! great job :)

  6. You are awesome! You know how I survive a tempo run? I DON'T. : )


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